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  1. I'm looking at large cloud storage options too. Has anyone tried https://www.amazon.com/clouddrive/home $60/year for unlimited data. I want to set up my NAS to mirror itself off-site, then just leave it to do its thing.
  2. This laptop runs a desktop CPU. I haven't looked into it much as I've already got a recent mobile quad I7. It's probably heavy and has crap battery life, but for horsepower/dollar it might be OK as a portable mograph machine. http://www.pcworld.com/article/2864379/origin-beastly-new-eon-laptops-boast-full-blown-desktop-core-i7-processors.html
  3. Thanks. I've just starting learning Octane. These are a big help.
  4. After Effects is going to be multi-threaded!!!!!!!!!
  5. Trailer Park Boys season 9 is up.
  6. Remotions Uniflex plugin can do great cloth and softbody animations. It's especially good at handling those tricky cloth-on-cloth collisions. http://www.remotion4d.net Be warned thou :excl: The manual/documentation situation is really bad unless you know German.
  7. The next major update better be about speed. If AE doesn't sprint like a panther soon, I say take it out back and put it out of its misery. Watching the current version crawl along while most of my hardware sits idle is just depressing.
  8. I'd like to know when the AE speed update is likely to land. Is it possible to say which quarter?
  9. "X-Particles 3 will be released on the 16th March" https://www.facebook.com/XParticles
  10. destro

    3D Mouse

    I got the basic Space Navigator model. It's right next to my Wacom tablet, so if I stretch my thumb out I can get to the side buttons. The modes are under the TOOLS/3D Connexion menu. Maybe they were added into Cinema4D in a recent version.
  11. destro

    3D Mouse

    Mine arrived today Really intuitive to use and it has a solid build quality. It is possible to manipulate the position and rotation of objects inside of Cinema4D, as well as controlling the cameras. "Navigate" and "Fly" modes control the cams, "Move" mode controls the selected object.
  12. destro

    3D Mouse

    I'm looking at getting a Space Navigator to use with Cinema4D. How easy is it to switch from the navigator controlling the cam to the navigator controlling an object in the scene?
  13. Alexis Van Hurkman also wrote the DaVinci Resolve 11 User Manual, so when it does come time to press buttons, it's well worth a read.
  14. destro

    Adobe Font

    You might have uninstalled the UI font. I think it's verdana, but I'm not sure.
  15. http://youtu.be/IXrDMmfGjMA
  16. They should be ashamed of marketing it as a full-assed solution for 3D users when there is clearly one ass-cheek missing. For people who are predominately AE users and want a bit of "real" 3D, it might be useful. If it hadn't been so hyped before it's release, I wouldn't have been so hugely disappointed with it.
  17. 25% off all Paul Everett plugins till the end of the year. http://cinemaplugins.com/
  18. While we're on the NAS topic, what hard drives are people using? I've been going with these http://www.wdc.com/en/products/internal/nas/ (WD RED, I'm an individual freelancer) Are there better options?
  19. There's a thread over here http://mograph.net/board/index.php?showtopic=29640&hl= If you want to use the NAS as an archive as opposed to a working drive you can happily buy the cheaper models.
  20. I haven't made that material before, but have a look at the "Effects - Spectral" shader that's built into C4D to get the trippy colours. Layering up reflectance layers with differing roughness values might work to give that deep look.
  21. 40% off Xparticles for 24 hours https://store.greyscalegorilla.com/products/x-particles
  22. 70% off Xfrog for R16 http://xfrog.com/category/xfrog-for-cinema-4d.html
  23. I like the idea of deep composition here as you would have flexibility to change or even animate the transparency in the compositing app. I still haven't figured out a workflow to use it from Cinema4D R16 yet. How do you get the XYZ of the rendered pixel into the OpenEXR file?
  24. Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Lite now supports video up to Ultra HD. https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/davinciresolve/compare
  25. Anyone know what the Cinema4D -> Fusion workflow is like in real-world terms compared to the Cinema4D -> AE workflow? I use the .aec workflow...cineware is of zero use to me. I'm definitely going to download Fusion Lite and give the node based system a try, but it would be good to see in advance if it's worth spending a full day or two getting my head around the software. I've got Adobe CC, so I've got a full version of SpeedGrade. I still vastly prefer using Blackmagics free Resolve 11 Lite than the full version of SpeedGrade.
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