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  1. This is just a guess, but make sure the tag hasn't found its way onto a layer that's hidden from the object manager.
  2. My favourite new one in Cinema4D, press J and drag in the viewport to scrub through the timeline. I found it in Ryan Summers 2014 Siggraph production tips vids. http://www.cineversity.com/vidplaytut/siggraph_2014_Ryan_1 http://www.cineversity.com/vidplaytut/siggraph_2014_Ryan_2 http://www.cineversity.com/vidplaytut/siggraph_2014_Ryan_3
  3. http://www.synology.com http://www.qnap.com Take a look at the NAS units. I use Synology, but I've also only heard good things about Qnap.
  4. destro

    C4D R16

    R16 Demo is up http://www.maxon.net/en/products/demo-version/download-form.html
  5. You must have had a very different experience of it than I have. It's always been fast and reliable on my system.
  6. NexusFont is free / donation. It's basic but still useful. http://www.xiles.net/nexusfont/
  7. That's just me talking from my selfish perspective. It's already like a flood of useful ideas to me.
  8. Thanks Binky. You know those nature documentaries where all the cute baby animals are dying of thirst, then you see a trickle of water, then a river, then a flood, then everything turns green and beautiful? Well, that's what your vids are like in the dusty plains of the "PUSH THIS BUTTON - NOW YOU'RE AWESOME!!!" tutorials. And "Scienceing"....ha!
  9. I use it with Team Render on a single license. You will need Xparticles installed on the render nodes if you want fast renders with massive particle counts. Probably best to contact them directly at their website. They are super fast and helpful.
  10. The catches are under the "LIMITED COMMERCIAL" heading. I like these types of schemes. You get the high-end gear cheap or free until you're established and can afford the real deal.
  11. destro

    C4D R16

    http://www.maxon.net/products/new-in-cinema-4d-r16/overview.html http://c4d3d.com/1v40G9x
  12. There's also the Watermark function in Render Settings. Handy for rendering notes over test and progress renders.
  13. Isn't that just an ad for the talking head in the video?
  14. Storyboarding / Storytelling. I'd like to know more about the process of developing and implementing a narrative to drive the design of the storyboards. I've never found a good book on 'Storyboarding for Motion Graphics'.
  15. Another nice one. The point about going back to design basics is something I always have to remind myself, especially after spending too much time nutting out technical problems. I've got a request Kinda like a linkage between 002 Storyboarding and 003 Composition, covering doing a cut or camera move from one composition to another.
  16. Agreed. VizRT isn't well suited to producing motion graphics. The output quality isn't remotely acceptable by motion graphic standards.The VIzRT is an OPENGL renderer. That's the same technology Cinema4D and After Effects use to render the previews in their viewports. HD output at a consistent frame rate over 30fps comes at the cost of quality no matter how many video cards are running under the hood. If you need realtime rendered HD that can pull in data from a producers computer, website or database, then VizRT is the answer. If you need image quality, start running and never look back.
  17. If anyone has problems with AE 2014.0 not working with their Blackmagic card, update the BM drivers to the latest release. I just wasted a good couple of hours.
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