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  1. The thing that freaks me out about this thing is that it looks too much like us. The bottom part looks very much like human hips and legs. When it is kicked, it even moves like a human. There is an emotion reaction to something that is just a machine. I makes me think that we are really just complex organic machines and that's just not a comforable thought.
  2. Have a look at using a time track. I haven't used it in a long time so I don't remember the details of how it works, but you can use it to remap animation timing.
  3. This is a real conversation: Hairdresser - What do you do for a job? Me - I make graphics for TV. Hairdresser - Oh, you type that stuff that goes along the bottom of the screen. Conversation ends.
  4. I'd love to see a Motion Graphics version of Spinal Tap - This is a special version of Shine. When we really want to crank it we turn the ray lenth up to 11.
  5. Baraka - but it would be worth the wait till it's released in HD (it was shot on 70mm film) - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0103767/ Blade Runner - even listening to the soundtrack by itself is great.
  7. The challenge is in getting clients that don't want crap.
  8. destro

    We are anonymous

    Here's a FOX story on the group. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuAO7AL5FFU ps. don't visit 4CHAN if you're a sensitive type. Things there once seen cannot be unseen.
  9. When using a tablet it's an almost weightless pen you're moving. For drawing curves and painting masks I find it much easier with a tablet. I keep a keyboard handy for shortcuts. It took me several weeks to truly get used to using a tablet, but now I wouldn't work without one.
  10. It's a long shot but it could be your problem. Like Sao said, different processors give different results (it's the level of accurancy that varies). Most of the time the differnces are so tiny they don't result in a visable problem. The way to test this would be to do a test render using only render cleints with the one type of processor. If that comes out clean then you know you can't mix processor types for that job.
  11. Are all your PCs using the same processor type? ie all AMD or all INTEL.
  12. I'm one of those silly people who expect that if a company makes something, THEY should test it.....boy I'm a sucker.
  13. Just choose MPEG2-DVD from your render settings.
  14. My panties are untwistable . What I don't get is people getting their panties in a twist over which OS better. If you can do your job well, the OS makes almost no difference. That's really what I'm trying to point out. Anyone who uses both OS's and is comfortable with both knows there is little diffence in terms of getting the job done. One the other hand, people who use only one OS tend to swear the other one is flawed.
  15. Here's the flak you were expecting. "I couldn't care less about PC's because I don't create spreadsheets or prepare taxes or create lame powerpoint slideshows for my corporate counterparts." There are versions of After Effects, Cinema4d and PhotoShop that actually run on a PC (and in colour!!!). I use Macs and PCs. Once inside the apps the differences in terms of the user experience between the 2 operating systems is almost zero. I was once a computer programmer. I even worked directly on an OS. 99% of the PC v Mac aguments are pure bullshit.
  16. The Xfrog plugin is great for growing 3D elements. There's a C4D version so it's super easy to use.
  17. Selling design templates is standard business. You're the designer. Operaters fill in the gaps. Think of a "phoner" for a TV news show (it's, where a person talks to reporter over the phone). You wouldn't expect a TV station to hire a designer every time they need a phoner graphic. You can charge a large fee for making them. Some of the prices I've heard of for making a design template made my jaw drop.
  18. The Quadros aren't much faster than the top Geforce cards. What you pay the extra for (a lot extra) is certified drivers. EDIT: Just saw Aspekts post. If you're not getting drivers directly from Nvidia for the Quadros, I don't see the point in paying extra for the Quadros. It's the drivers you're paying the extra money for.
  19. You could ask the big studio for some high paid contract since they love your work so much.
  20. destro

    Happy Holidays!

    Political Correctness is sooooooo boring. Merry Christmas. Anyone who is offended by that can shove it up their ass.
  21. Is a Kenworth truck or a Porsche better?
  22. If you've got access if a PC you can download the free GOM media player. It can step frame by frame through FLV files (as well as almost any other format).
  23. This tutorial might help. http://www.tutorialized.com/view/tutorial/...-Car-Tire/11120
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