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    Reel '08

    I checked the plugin. It's v7.3 too. I suspect our IT dept is blocking the content by mistake. Just thought I'd give you a heads up incase there was a problem on all PCs. Good luck in Australia. I've been told pay rates for graphics artists are 30% higher there than in NZ. Much as I love NZ I'm really tempted to move.
  2. destro

    Reel '08

    I've got v7.3 (the player anyway). Maybe my browser plugin needs updating. I'm not a possible employer for you anyway. I'm a fellow Nu Zeelanda being nosey.
  3. destro

    Reel '08

    I'm getting the QuickTime symbol with the question mark when I try to view your reel. Running Internet Explorer on a PC.
  4. No problem. Happy Christmas to all.
  5. Sorry. It's called sarcasm. The thread started with humour. So did the post I responded to. Nevermind.
  6. That's the typical ignorant response I've come to expect from Americans. FULL SPEED AHEAD CAPTAIN.
  7. You could try making the extrusion shorter. Most of the problem I see with 3D text is that I see too much of the extrusion in proportion to the shape of the text.
  8. SPOILER: The date of December 25th probably originated with the ancient "birthday" of the son-god, Mithra, a pagan deity whose religious influence became widespread in the Roman Empire during the first few centuries A.D. Mithra was related to the Semitic sun-god, Shamash, and his worship spread throughout Asia to Europe where he was called Deus Sol Invictus Mithras. Rome was well-known for absorbing the pagan religions and rituals of its widespread empire.
  9. Just think of 100% in C4D as being the same 1. I don't do the maths on it, but it's a general guide that you shouldn't overload all the channels. ie. 80% colour, 90% reflection, bright speculars etc. The channels should be balanced.
  10. destro

    Snickers Rugby

    Fantastic detail in there. The strange thing is the charaters are wearing protective pads. Helmets, pads etc are against the rules not to mention you would get laughed at for being a big girl.
  11. The angry German kid translated to English. http://youtube.com/watch?v=kBVmfIUR1DA I'd love to see him wait for a 50 layer AE project to render.
  12. Some low level noise/grain in AE can do wonders to stop that "too clean" 3D look.
  13. Are you animating PLA (point level animation)?
  14. Do you mean to being a full time employee? I did that from freelance about 2 years ago. Biggest thing to watch out for is that the polictics of being a freelancer are very different to that of being an employee.
  15. If the lens are getting smeared on the inside it's because your eyelashes are touching the lens. Just need to get an optogeek to adjust them.
  16. Every 5 minutes (at least) stop looking at the screen and look around the room. Looking out a window is better if you have one. Our eyes need to pull to look at the foreground and relax to look into the distance. Just like carrying a heavy load, it helps to put the load down even if only for a few seconds.
  17. Just in case anyone panics....TVCs and on-air graphics can still be supplied at SD and will be upscaled by the stations.
  18. Anyone know of a way to get an AE cam to render using "front" projection. I can set the view to front, by it won't render that way. In Cinema 4D a cam can be set to "front". Is there a way to do this in AE?
  19. Do you have access to a broadcast monitor? If you do just try it out and check if it looks clean. If you don't have a broadcast monitor...you need one.
  20. I think it will only be on the sky and maybe freeview broadcasts. I don't think you would need to make any HD content for quite some time. It's going to be some shows brought in from overseas in HD.
  21. TV3 in NZ is looking at broadcasting some HD content next year.
  22. destro

    vray c4d

    "Our project includes the full Vray Renderengine, plus the plugin that integrates it into cinema.(par example the 3dmax version is vray+a plugin that integrates it to max) the vrayengine is not reworked by us, it is 100% the original chaosgroup version. they have a sdk that lets you connect it to external apps like cinema, maya, max, xsi, etc. of course chaosgroup gets their part of the profit- it is their engine, also all vray updates will be made by chaosgroup. such a integration is more work than just connecting it via some exporters. it is quite some work actually. chaosgroup makes a deeper connection to maya themselves par example, we do it for cinema. so when you buy it you actually have everything you need to render in vray, the pure vrayengine+the plugin(this is needed to see&use the engine)." copied from CGTALK thread
  23. I'd strongly recommend going with a zero dead pixel policy. Even a single dead pixel is really annoying.
  24. lol...the dangers of being a too causal lurker.
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