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  1. Bummer we can't put our dicks in the "In-Out" column.
  2. I sure hope you're right about OpenCL and the Physical Render engine. All my CPU cores run at 100%. Embree works like magic. Add my GPU cores to that and I'll be a very happy puppy.
  3. ReelSmart Motion Blur and Denoiser II are two plugins I've noticed now support OPENCL. I run PC/Nvidia so it doesn't have too much of an impact on me, but if the new MacPros are helping push an open standard, I'm all for it.
  4. Agreed. Someone with such brilliant skills doing what looks like tutorial projects. You could pick that irony up with a magnet.
  5. I want to express myself, but I don't want to seem foolish or uncool....I know!!! I'll just do what everyone else is doing
  6. My thumb is wavering between horizontal and down. Not having to pay a large sum upfront and always having the latest version is great. Renting rather than owning core assets is the balance to that. But for fucks sake, CC has to work 99.9% of the time or I would rather avoid it like the plague. I can't make a decision if CC is a good thing for me until is works like a professional solution. It's been deployed for many months now and it still feels half-assed.
  7. I've haven't used this plugin, but it might be what you're looking for: http://www.c4d-jack.de/site/en/downloads/cat_view/43-plugins.html
  8. Use could use the Mograph cloner to space lots of standard Cinema4D emitters along a spline. Then "Make Editable" on the cloner to make all the emitters work. But yep, Xparticles would be the hack and hassle free way to do it.
  9. Nice one. Check out the Particle Deformer if you haven't already. Could be real handy as a landscape generator.
  10. Not sure if I can help, but I can definitely sympathise. If my colours go dark it's usually a conflict with linear and non-linear colour spaces.
  11. mmmmmm...gimme lots of options!!! It's OK, the boss is paying!!!
  12. There's a 30% off sale at the moment: http://www.x-particle.com/index.htm I purchased a pro licence for this plugin a few weeks ago (full price ). I very rarely rave about software but this one is amazing. It's like Thinking Particles, minus the clunky xpresso interface and with a huge speed boost.
  13. Happy to see the UI for the curves effect is being given a polish. I use that one effect more than all the other effects combined. After the speed improvements, my wish would be for the most commonly used parts of AE to be given a similar update. Much of AE still has a 1990s retro feel to it...and not in a good way.
  14. http://8tracks.com/emilyharris/le-temps-de-l-amour Some old Frenchy music hitting the spot for me
  15. That's rigging based on hierarchy. All the main components of the machine are grouped under one null, then each component has nulls under it which hold the smaller parts. Keep nesting the parts hierarchically until you get to the smallest bits. From there you can just rotate the nulls to make all the other will parts move correctly.
  16. Norilsk Nickel revenue for 2012 = US$12 billion. Mograph and other modules will help you out but there really is no short cut to that level of detail. If you were doing this as a paying job you would need to make sure the client understands it's going to be very expensive. If you're looking for commercial animations to imitate for practice, look for something more manageable.
  17. Try baking all the dynamics before using team render. If one team render machine starts rendering at say frame 100, it is probably doing dynamics calcs for the previous 99 frames so it knows where the objects should be.
  18. Net Render is gone in R15. If you rely on Net Render in R14 to meet your deadlines, be very careful about upgrading. Team Render is great for quick test renders, but for critical final renders it's not ready for prime time.
  19. Beautiful artwork and animation. The script is what really grabbed me. Nothing quite like satire to shove the knife in with a smile
  20. I'm really happy to hear this. Cineware for me is a frustration more than anything. Not because it doesn't work, but because it's not yet developed to the point where it's very useful to me. It's so close to being amazing, yet not close enough for me to use. I'm primarily a 3D guy doing finishing work in AE, so I'm working in the full C4D app then moving to AE. With more time to develop I can see the C4D -> Cineware -> AE connection being a killer workflow for 3D motion graphics. And thanks again Todd for talking directly to us end users. For me to pay my CC sub it's great to know AE is going to keep developing in a way that will be genuinely useful to the way I work.
  21. The CC components are still a bit dodgy for me too. Nothing that doesn't stop me from working in my case, but it doesn't fill me with confidence that the system won't just fall over at any moment. Just taking about AE itself...If the AE team did nothing but fine-tune the software for the next year I would be happy. Snappy, responsive software is one of the biggest factors in keeping motion graphics a fun job, instead of tedious drag.
  22. If it's going onto the GPU I'd want it to be with OPENCL and not some manufacturer specific nonsense. I suspect it's heading that way. People with the new MacPros won't be keen on buying software that leaves their dual GPUs sitting idle.
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