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  1. Fresnel shader in the reflection channel.
  2. I got a paper letter from Adobe yesterday too. It was from Adobe Ireland....I'm in New Zealand, as in, the other side of the planet. If that was supposed to reassure me that Adobe are on top of the problem...well, it didn't.
  3. New GTX card feature (not kidding) Nvidia say it can "enhance the personality of your PC" AWESOME!!!
  4. Nice update Todd. If this is the new direction AE is moving in, I'm all for it.
  5. Would a Black Magic card help with this? I use a Decklink Mini Monitor in my system. It has no problem handling HD Quicktime Animation BEST in real-time. http://www.blackmagicdesign.com/nz/products/decklink
  6. Welker in, Pavel out. Something has def broken at CMIVFX. http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=47&t=1129210
  7. I don't think you're missing anything. Team Render kicks ass for me, but it's not a replacement for NET Render. At least not yet. I'm probably stating the obvious, but Maxon should keep NET Render available until Team Render can do everything NET Render could do. I'm an individual freelancer and I miss some of the features of NET Render. I can only imagine the hair pulling going on in studios/shops who upgraded to R15.
  8. http://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/policy-pricing/customer-alert.html My Gmail account filtered the email alert from Adobe as SPAM, so best to check the link in case you don't get one.
  9. Quantum level???...CINEBENCH tells me so???...agoniszing???....Skype???...what are you on about? It sounds like you are having an argument with a voice in your head. I was assuming most people on MOGRAPH are pros, not complete idiots with nothing better to do with their time. Maybe that's with our difference of opinion lies. Thanks for the tip about settings having an effect on render times...................................................
  10. You answered yourself right there. In the title I talk about "hotrods"....as in custom built systems that are tuned to a specific purpose. The benchmark results might not fit perfectly with other vendors but "not relevant at all"?....of course they are relevant to a degree. Does VRAY render with some alien tech? Cinebench is free and quick to run. When you make a change to your system do you do before/after tests or just say "well....something must have happened cause I spend all those $$$$" (BTW I don't think you do that but since you're throwing monkey shit through the bars for no reason I might as well too).
  11. It's not really about C4D, it's about tuning your system.
  12. http://www.maxon.net/en/news/singleview-default/article/maxon-cinebench-r15-available-immediately-for-download.html
  13. CGTalk for sure. Are you happy for anyone and everyone to post links to the YouTube videos around the Net?
  14. Nice. Definitely helpful to me. I searched the Net for ages looking for a tutorial like this and nothing came up....nothing. I like especially how you deal with the "why" and then the "how". The "why" seems to be the gold here. Lots of tuts say "this is how you get this look/effect" but I find the real and rare value to be more in the "this is why you should do it".
  15. I've got a Dell ultrasharp and am really happy with it. I read some people got units with colour casts. It looks like if you get a good unit you've got a great monitor for a great price, but there's a small chance you might have to send duds back until you get a good one. Mine came with a printed factory test report individualised to the specific monitor I received.
  16. Cineware Proxy was what I thought Cineware was going to be. Cineware as it is now isn't much use to me. It's the first version I know, but I'm a still bit disappointed it's not more useful for handling pre-rendered C4D frames. CC has been working well for me too. I think some of the early adopters took a few bullets thou.
  17. 10 PRINT "IS IT READY YET?" 20 GOTO 10
  18. Thanks for the feedback. That feel of the flow stopping and starting is how I feel about my edit too. It's great you've given me some pointers to find a way to fix it cause I was kind of stuck knowing something was off but not knowing how to improve things. I'll have another bash at it
  19. I'm back freelancing after working as an employee for a while so it's time to put a new reel together. I'm trying to make this reel in line with the advice I've seen posted on Mograph. Mainly that the reel should be able to stand as an entity in itself and not just be a patchwork of clips. My previous reels were an answer to the question I was regularly asked by art directors: "What have you been working on recently?" They were just bits and pieces of recent work cut one after the other with no real thought as to how the whole played out. I'm experienced with motion graphics, but I'm still a novice as far as editing goes. Any advice or feedback is welcomed.
  20. Join the fight against the manipulation of the gullible by manipulating the gullible even further....$$$$
  21. This is wrong in so many ways but it still made me laugh.
  22. I'm happy. Many of the parts of the Cinema 4D package that I thought had been overlooked for far too long have had major upgrades.
  23. I use one of these as my main backup system: http://www.synology.com/products/product.php?product_name=DS213&lang=enu It can handle 6TB but no more. There are similar units with 4 drive bays if you want a bit more head room.
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