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  1. AMD won the contract to supply the GPUs in the PS4. There's a big difference between the PS4 GPUs and the new MacPro GPUs but I'm sure they also share many of the same parts and tech. AMD must be making GPUs by the millions at the moment so Apple could have got a killer deal on the high-end cards.

  2. Crossing platforms isn't such a big problem with rendefarms any more. The problem is (or was) having different CPU types. Now mostly everyone is using INTEL processors so all the calcs are being done to the same level of precision. That said, it's still easier to stick to one platform if you can.



    About all the new GPU renderers, I don't know how locked into CUDA they are or if the future will also include this little black tube.


    In light of all the recent 'we are slaves to Adobe' discussions, it kind of amuses me how willing everyone is to shut out everything that doesn't have NVidia - they are now the overlords of our livelihoods after all or what?


    Once the apps support OPENCL we wouldn't be locked to Nvidia/CUDA. OPENCL should just run on whichever card you have including the new Macs.


    I've owned more Nvidias card than I can remember. I've had very few problems with them. On the other hand I've owned one ATI card and it was a TOTAL FUCKING NIGHTMARE! I suspect the quality control has been fixed since then but I still see Nvidias GTX cards as a safe bet.


    OpenGL is a Graphics Language / Graphics Library originally started by SGI, then became "Open". You will see it accelerating graphics in the programs you use. OpenCL is meant to run on Parallel Processors but instead of a graphics lib it's a programming lib. So it can do "traditional" computations more than Graphics computations. The big difference is that OpenCL is "Open" whereas CUDA is NVidia's.

    Thanks for the info. I guess I'll just have to wait for Adobe and Maxon to use OPENCL.


    I found from Nvidias site the current GPU drivers already let OPENCL run on the CUDA hardware.



    What it's telling me is that Apple has already involved some of the power players and let them know it's an OpenCL world and you should play in it.


    Hey Chris. I've been hearing about OPENCL for a while now but I haven't seen it in the software I use the most (AE, C4D etc). Sounds like it's the solution to letting the applications get access to all the cores sitting on the GPU. Do you know why it's not being used as widely as OPENGL is?

  6. The bottleneck on the quality of the video content I consume is getting enough Internet bandwidth to fill up my HD screen. A 4K screen would just mean more interpolated pixels.


    I don't want 4K until OLED screens can go floor to ceiling and the Net gets a lot faster.


    I WISH these software releases were doubling in quality every two years. Every release has like one or two new features and a ton of bugs and annoying things that never get attention. Mainly talking about autodesk, but applies to Maxon and AE too.


    SPARKING NEW TOOLS! sells more software licences than optimising existing tools. It's like we are getting out-voted with dollars by people who would rather have the novel than the useful.


    It will be interesting to see how the CC subscription model works with this. I'm a bit worried that the lower cost of entry might encourage Adobe to do an Apple and play to the consumer market over the pros.



    Assembly and other awesome businesses. Move to Wellington. Please. That's all I want for christmas.



    Wellington is where the bulk of government and film work is. Auckland is the commercial capital so it looks like all you're getting for Christmas is a lump of coal.


    Freelancing is where you'll meet lots of people doing interesting things.

  9. Nice new links there.


    I did learn a lot amount from all the reading I did.


    I bought a DSLR a while ago and I have to say it was one of the best investments I've ever made. Going from only using virtual AE/3D cams to also using a real camera caused a huge jump in my understanding of lighting, colour, composition, well....almost everything really.

    For anyone doing Motion Graphics that doesn't have a camera, I would recommend buying a DSLR. For me it was a case of not knowing that I needed one until I had one in my hands.

  10. Built a massive PC rig this year as well. My issue is with PC cases and how they all look like they belong in your college dorm or a laser tag office. I've found Silverstone has a few nice models and they use some awesome thermal designs (don't know why everyone rotates the mobo since heat rises).




    Comes in aluminum for all you MacPro lovers. If anyone else knows of some pretty minimal cases please let me know. I'm not looking for a cheap case.


    My case at home is from these guys: http://www.lian-li.com/v2/en/product/product03.php?cl_index=1&sc_index=25


    They make some really nice metal gear, but also some tacky stuff. It's the first case I spent a decent amount of money on, but it's very much worth it. Apart from the looks it's also super quiet and runs far cooler than all the cheap "disposable" plastic cases I've used in the past.

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