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  1. Ya, "Plug-in" the phone and call someone with the talent and patience to make such a finely crafted animation.
  2. Nice reel. Everything looks so beautifully polished.
  3. EXACTLY My whole strategy in motion graphics revolves around getting to a point in my career where I can tell time-wasters (of all the many, many varieties) to take a hike and still stay above water.
  4. You probably should go to 32 gig of RAM even if it just ends up being for peace of mind. If your workstation runs out of RAM, the performance will turn to crap real fast.
  5. Looks good. It's hard to say what "cheesy" is without knowing who the show is aimed at. To me 90% of TV is cheesy, but that's what sells. The lower chisel at 4 seconds confused me. I had to run through the animation a few times to figure out what it was.
  6. Thanks Todd. I've submitted a feature request. Despite the hassle I still find it's worth it. Hopefully before too long it will become a technicality that the software handles behind the scenes. SEN: Awesome technical info. Much appreciated.
  7. I'm using After Effects CS5 and am having a couple of problems with Linear workflow. - I can't find a way to display a linear image adjusted for both my computer monitor and broadcast monitor simultaneously. AE displays a linear image perfectly on my computer monitor but seems to send an unadjusted image to my Blackmagic card (it's way too dark). I've found the 'color profile converter' effect that I can use to correct the display on the broadcast monitor but at the expense of making the computer monitor preview too bright. Is there any way to tell AE or the Blackmagic card I want the linear image adjusted before being output to the broadcast monitor? Are there broadcast monitors available that can directly take an unadjusted linear image? -I use Color Finesse 3 for any advanced colour work where I need to see scopes. The problem I've got is the full Color Finesse 3 interface doesn't seem to have an option to display linear images adjusted for display on a computer monitor. I love the quality boost that comes from using a linear workflow but these preview problems are a pain in the ass. I'm kinda hoping I've missed a piece of the puzzle and someone can tell me what I'm missing.
  8. It's not the genre of game I get into, but check the reviews: http://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/bioshock-infinite/critic-reviews
  9. Nice. For a 0.1 upgrade that's a lot of new tools.
  10. That reminds me of the jaded chuckles from some only a few short years ago when I said I was using Cinema 4D (apparently not professional grade software) on a PC (apparently it's IMPOSSIBLE to be creative on a PC). Funny how it's now becoming the standard motion graphics setup.
  11. Maybe a motion graphic FAQ thread pinned to the first page?
  12. destro

    3D Mouse

    A tablet is much less of a strain on the body. It is frustrating as hell for the first week but if you go cold turkey on the mouse, the tablet eventually becomes like second-nature. Maybe it's different for different people but I could never go back to motion graphics with a mouse now.
  13. YAY! I spend way too much time connecting and re-connecting elements between those two packages.
  14. Douche my ass. That's a piece of pure Italian magic.
  15. I worked in IT myself for several years. It's what I originally trained as. I'm in New Zealand. It's not exactly a third world nation but it's nowhere near Germany in terms of technical ability. There are some very cleaver people here but they tend to form into isolated groups. Here's a real world example of a "state of the art graphics workstation" from our technical experts. A single core CPU with 256mb of RAM. That's the first computer I was given to make graphics for a nationally broadcast news service. When I complained I was firmly told to stop making excuses and get on with the job. I wish I was joking
  16. Where do I apply for German citizenship? It sounds lovely there.
  17. 100% agreement. It's the Achilles heel of large companies that these guys can superficially sound like experts on areas they know very little about.
  18. Lynda.com is good for learning the basics quickly. Once you want to do anything more advanced you'd be better off with some of the other tutorials sites already mentioned in the thread. If you can swing it, I'd recommend going straight to the full Cinema 4D package. There are many time-saving tools you'll be missing out on if you buy just the broadcast version.
  19. I set up my wacom pen so the bottom button by my finger when pressed alone = right-click. Left-click is just by touching the pen to the tablet.
  20. That fucken thing has grown an arm! http://www.youtube.com/BostonDynamics
  21. I did cycle couriering (in some places I think it's referred to as messaging) for about 7 years before switching over to motion graphics. There does seem to be a loose link between peoples interest in cycling and motion graphics. Maybe the motion of the world rushing past us on a bike connects with the motion of the graphics. I dunno. Maybe it's because many of us are just big kids.
  22. Almost all the gaming I do is multi-player FPS and almost all of that is Battlefield 3. The problem with the PC is if I use a controller from the couch and other people are playing with a keyboard/mouse I'm at a huge disadvantage. With the consoles everyone is playing with more or less the same gear. I have played a couple of single-player games on my PC through the TV and with a wireless game pad. In comparison the PS3s performance looks exactly like what it is...7 years old.
  23. I read somewhere the Cell processor was originally designed to be a high end image processor. Great for decoding data files into pretty pictures but not so good for running games. Going to the standard x86 CPUs for the PS4 was a no-brainer. I've got a PS3 and a PC. I'm gonna have to choose if I want to get a PS4 or go 100% PC. I don't know yet. Laying back on the couch is a big bonus for consoles.
  24. http://www.ustream.tv/PlayStation
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