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  1. Anywhere you have a computer attached to a screen there is an opportunity for the use of motion graphics. It don't see any problems coming up with the demand for what we do.
  2. Part of the problem is that k (kilo) means 1000 in the metric system, but in computer terms it means 1024 (blame the geeks). Your OS might be reporting in computer terms but the hard-drive company is probably marketing the drive in metric terms to make it appear larger.Then there's all the other miscellaneous system guff that uses space. Factor a 10% bullshit factor into the marketing claims. Sad thing is once one company bullshits, they all then have to do it or lose market share.
  3. How do these bullshitting little creeps get to the top of companies? So disappointing.
  4. Not always the full package, but this blog is packed full of TV graphics. http://idents.tv/blog/
  5. "Apple, Microsoft Summonsed To Explain Australian Price Disparity"........"if all three companies do not send representatives to the hearing there will be direct legal consequences" http://www.kotaku.com.au/2013/02/apple-and-microsoft-summonsed-to-explain-price-disparities-in-australia/
  6. You use an Alexa and you live in Paris.....damn, now I'm jealous.
  7. Yep....."do commercial work for us for free" means they are either incompetent or assholes (but probably both). The only time I think it's a good idea to work for those types of parasites is if you're just starting out and have no big brands on your reel. Going from no brands to your first is a big deal. After that you're just being played for a fool.
  8. Haven't those guys ever heard of multi-tasking?
  9. I've always found the idea of a freelancer getting paid by units of time a strange thing to do. If they are a button-pusher it makes sense, but if they're smart you're not giving them an incentive to be efficient. A freelancer is a separate business entity. If they produce the quality you need at a price that works for you, then you shouldn't need to watch over them. If they can't manage themselves then they shouldn't be freelancing. One of the upsides of remote freelancers is they can be anywhere. You're not limited to just people in your town. If someone decides to clown around on one of your projects you can kick their ass right out the virtual door. I don't see any shortage of talented people willing to put in the hard work. I've noticed there are at least two distinct types of people who operate as freelancers. The "ex-employee" type that takes on low-end projects in much the same way as they did when they were an employee. They also seem to retain the attitude of doing the least amount of work they can get away with. The other type have a no-bullshit business attitude and seem to just get shit done. End of story. Trust is the key as you imply. Trust-worthy studios linking up with trust-worthy freelance artists is how I want to see this Net thing play out.
  10. I agree with all the points above. As the Net gets better I can see a swing in the balance more towards freelancers working from their home studios. HD webcabs and super-fast collaborative workflows over the Net will hopefully overcome most of the problem of remote working we have now. Investing in equipment rather than cars, fuel and travelling time would be great. BINKY: Your kitten has died .....at least it has on my screen.
  11. This is a very loose 'rule of thumb' and will need to be tweaked for each set-up, but it's worked well for me: -2 to 3 gigs of ram per CPU. -Start with half of your CPUs set to be used for multiprocessing. Increase the number of CPUs used if everything is stable. -Always leave 1-2 CPUs free to run the OS and other tasks that run in the background.
  12. Free update to v1.5 for anyone that's got v1. https://www.videocopilot.net/products/element/
  13. Thanks Aaron. As far as I know none of our workstations have CS6 on them anyway so putting CS5 on the render farm sounds like a good solution.
  14. We just got a new render farm where I work. It's running 5 nodes with AE CS6 looking at a watch folder. Everything is Windows 7. I'm getting a "render control file not valid" when saving to the watch folder from a copy of CS5. Anyone come across this before?
  15. Nice reel. The little bits of humour work really well.
  16. It's a problem. I've worked with a couple of excellent producers, a few more good ones and many more with a non-existent work ethic. One explanation I've heard: Producers get to see what everyone is getting paid on a project and know they tend to be at the bottom end of the scale. My guess is the good ones work their way up to a better income while the bad ones just hang around and do the minimum they can get away with for crap pay.
  17. I started using FreeFileSync a few weeks ago. Excellent software. Watch out during installation. Like many freeware packages it will ask if you want the free 'extras'. The 'extras' are usually some form of adware. Just accept the main Terms of Service and decline everything else. Here's a bit of windows freeware I use to keep my system tidy: http://www.anti-twin.com/ Great for finding duplicate files and giving plenty of feedback before pulling the trigger on deletions.
  18. The question of Maya versus Cinema 4D needs to be seen in the context of what you need the software to do. Cinema 4D is excellent at producing high quality motion graphics with the minimum number of technical hassles. That's a combo of benefits that's hard to beat if you make motion graphics for a living.
  19. The cache SSD should perform at top speed until it is near the end of its life. SSD memory can only be over-written a finite number of times and since caches are updated frequently you're going to hit that limit a lot faster than you would with a general data drive that might hold data for days/weeks/months. As parts of the drive become unusable the controller will need to hunt around to find good memory so that will slow things down. I haven't seen any data on how long a cache SSD lasts on an average motion graphics computer, but if it's more than a year I'd happily swap one out yearly in exchange for the speed boost they provide.
  20. Make sure you get an SSD for Windows and a second normal hard drive for local data. The viewport and timeline speed is mostly about the video card. The Nvidia GTX range is generally accepted to have the best 'bang for your buck' for motion graphics work.
  21. You could try 2 Spline Wraps. Something like: NULL -HOUSE -Spline Wrap -Spline Wrap
  22. For motion graphic camera work I get a lot of inspiration from watching how real cameras are used in feature films. How the camera itself is used to communicate a mood. For the process of developing ideas I tend to work directly in Cinema 4D or After Effects using basic place holders that I'll later swap out for the fully worked models. It would be nice to sketch things out on paper so I get a break from the screen but the interfaces are so fast now I find I can capture the idea faster straight inside the software.
  23. ha ha...true, but it's better to get the harsh realities of the industry explained by Mograph.net than to go too far down a path that needs better planning. Kind of like getting a dose of cowpox so you don't catch smallpox.
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