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  1. What about the taboo topic of sweet tea? I put 3 rounded teaspoons of sugar in my tea (THREE....YES THREE!!!!!!) I am not ashamed.
  2. ditto I put an SSD in my home computer a few weeks ago. HUGE performance boost. You don't need to buy the super expensive drives. Even a mid-priced SSD will leave a fast mechanical drive in the dust.
  3. Can't you just wait for the old lady with the tea trolley to come around?
  4. wow...consider my mind officially blown.
  5. Thanks for the replies. I can't say too much about the show specifically, but the tone will be authoritative and a bit moody. I will be using reflections but they will be subtle. It's not the typical high-gloss look of most TV show packages. My main focus is on getting realistic lighting and nice overlapping gradients as the many lights intensitys fall off with distance. I'd love to use R14 but I'm an employee so I have to stick with the software the company provides (R13). Good to hear I'm not the only one having issues with the Physical Renders built-in "Indirect Illumination". From my test renders yesterday I was getting better results using the standard GI. Now I can rule that option out I'm getting closer to deciding on the final render settings.
  6. The back down begins: http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/lookout/instagram-dials-back-privacy-rules-user-revolt-223838120--finance.html
  7. I've been given a TV show package to make....titles, studio screens etc all in HD. I'm going to use C4D R13 Physical Render with a GI pass, then do the finishing work in After Effects CS5. I'm currently doing some test renders and looking for advice on the best approach to use to get the quality/render-time ratio as favourable as possible. I have made a 15sec TVC this way in the past using the Physical Render plus the separate Global Illumination set to the "IR + QMC (Full Animation)" mode. It rendered fast and clean but it was a very simple scene in SD. The TV show graphics will be mostly camera animation with animated intensity on several light sources. I've got an 8 core Xeon running at 2.3Ghz that I have exclusive access to. I can also render overnight with Net Render on 2 more machines with the same specs as mine + a single 12 core machine. The main area I need to decide on is which of the GI modes to use and at the same time if I should use Net Render or just stick to my machine. I haven't used the Physical Renders built-in "Indirect Illumination" before. I'm not sure if it works with Net Render or how it compares to the separate GI modes. Any advice or links gladly accepted.
  8. 1. Find disgusting photos 2. Upload to Instagram and "LIKE" their biggest advertisers products 3. ???? 4. PROFIT
  9. This better be the hotly anticipated 'MAKE IT AWESOME' plug-in. I'm over tweaking keyframes and shit....sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo annoying
  10. Looks like a job for Trapcode Form.
  11. We need some monkey bait. That simian is AWOL.
  12. I did a bit of research on The Rule of Thirds and Phi/Golden Ratio a little while ago. It's amazing, but I agree that it's a guide not a rule. The Golden Ratio is part of what we are so I'm not surprised we find it beautiful. This page talks about the 2 sides: http://www.thinctanc...utorial_02.html Here's a couple of GIFs I found showing the Golden Ratio in natural forms.
  13. It's good to know the AE team have this on the radar. My biggest frustration with AE is with it's inability to handle complex projects elegantly. For simple jobs I find AE to be great, but as soon as I need to build a complex hierarchical pre-comp structure I feel like I'm forcing the software to do something it's not really designed for. The ray-tracing and cam tracking etc are "nice to have". I get frustrated when new features like this are added when the underlying structure of the interface is in need of an overhaul.I really appreciate you (and Srek) coming onto forums like this to explain some of what's going on behind the scenes of these huge companies. And good on Adobe for letting you do it (i'm assuming they know you're doing it ;-)
  14. Thanks for shedding some light on that. Glad to hear the in-camera processing isn't setting the video in stone as much as I was thinking. What's the major factor of a digital cinema camera that gives it it's "look"? I'm guessing it's a combination of many things but is there one component that effects the look more than any other?
  15. SOPHOS 'protection' just let me access Mograph.net at work again. During the infection it let me access the site without any warning (Chrome caught it) and only blocked me after the infection was cleaned up..............FAIL FAIL FAIL SOPHOS BIG FAT FAIIIIILLLLLLL /rant over
  16. For channel content and shows you should be fine with DSLR video. If mega-money earners like "House" are OK with a 5D Mark II, I can't see many other people having a problem with it.The biggest problem I see with the 5Ds video is it's "baked" into it's final form before you can get it off the camera. Even with HDMI out it's still been processed before it can be recorded. That makes it problematic for ads and features where the image needs to be pushed and pulled around without turning to poo.
  17. Bit of a sad post. An Art Director I used to do bits of work for when I was freelancing recently died of cancer. Between the diagnosis and his departure he wrote this essay on his 30 years in advertising. He ran a motion graphics studio when I knew him (Cinema 4D and After Effects) so what he did was similar to what many of us do. http://www.lindsredd...in-perspective/ I'm taking the essay as I think he would have intended it....a friendly reminder stop occasionally and make sure we've got a real perspective.
  18. http://nofilmschool....k-red-one-4000/ RED price cuts.......RED ONE MX:$4,000 vs. $25,000 Coincidence that they cut the price so close to the cost of the BMD camera?
  19. I found this funny. http://westpennjournal.com/blog/2012/10/29/sandy-is-a-disaster-but-these-photos-are-ridiculous/ I heard a news presenter comment live how the pics of The Statue of Liberty look just like something out of "The Day after Tomorrow"....hats off to whoever did the water sim.
  20. As long as Disney makes a scene where Jar Jar Binks is slowly disembowelled I'll be happy.
  21. I see advertising as following a similar process to natural selection. If the commercial generates the desired result, it continues in its current form. If it doesn't then it's either adapted to a new form or it dies out altogether. If it's annoying but works then it will be repeated. Maybe I'm just jaded by the whole thing. What does annoy me is charity CEOs flying first class. Shitheads.
  22. There's a thread here about this topic http://mograph.net/b...showtopic=27450 It's from June of this year so should still mostly be up to date.
  23. My guess is it will be the same data you would get from the files on the CF card but cleaner as it would skip the H.264 compression. I don't think most people shooting video with a 5D would go to the extra expense and hassle of dealing with uncompressed files, but I could see it being worth it if you were spending a lot of money on other parts of a job.
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