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  1. NY is tough (as in "hell"), especially after working in LA. Not a lot of class in the city.
  2. once you get the background separated, you might consider Illustrator's Live Trace, which will convert to vectors, a little better than magic wand.
  3. I just keep thinking about the apple billions being hoarded offshore, sitting there doing nada. motion graphics artists aren't supposed to think about anything except personal career path, but nonetheless it bugs me.
  4. expressions = software rot. the idea of graphics apps are to supply intuitive tools. There's always the pull by boneheads to undermine that concept, and take things away from artistry and back to bonehead comfort zone. The last shop I worked in, entire comps were nothing but expressions and scripts by a worker who was scared shitless that a real talent would work easily in his project and get his job.
  5. I haven't liked Apple since the old man kicked the bucket. I wish there were something else.
  6. I have a Canon Canoscan 9000F. It works fine for motion graphics. It was real cheap, as I remember. Epson used to be used by everyone, then they started getting flaky. Canon seems to be the new Sony.
  7. a day volunteering for audubon is good burnout relief, gets you out doors, and your mind off the computer. Plus it feels good to do something for wildlife and the continuum. http://www.nycaudubon.org/conservation
  8. Toad- You take waaaay too long with insipid 2-d lines before getting to the cool stuff in 3d space. Most art directors would stop watching before you got there. Really nice path with 3d elements springing up as you go. Nice displacement and other 3d work. You just need to brutally cut it down.
  9. Scary times. I've been in the biz long enough to remember being crucified by a buggy Premiere, At that time, Adobe flatly refused to clean it up, apparently because of not wanting to step on the toes of Avid. I remember editing corporate videos in After Effects. It was hell, but at least a 5-day render didn't crash in the final 10-minutes, and ruin the entire render. And AE didn't annihilate other video files on the hard drive. Only when FCP came along did Adobe think about making Premiere decent. My fear is what will happen when Adobe has the low-end editing monopoly again. Also Adobe has this tradition of attempting to herd all of its users to peecees - rumor had it that Adobe was being paid for the courtesy. For these reasons, I am going to try to stick with FCP, and hope.
  10. not a fan of NY. Came here from LA a while back, and never got over the low class treatment of designers. In LA, companies generally respect designers as professionals. Not so in NY. Let me give you just one example. In LA, when a company calls to ask availability, and you tell them you can work, you are immediately brought in on the job. In NY, they'll call to ask availability, then you'll never hear from them again. This is because they've called 20 designers, to then pick the one they want. This is just one example, and certainly not the worst.
  11. tomcat

    Woo Hoo!

  12. Aaron, I notice you're in Canada, which may have something to do with your treatment and perspective. I envy you for having landed a stable, reasonable workplace. They are very hard to come by in Gotham. My very last job was actually decent, until the inevitable management change, and our sweetheart of a boss was axed. Don't get too comfortable. You need to keep those skills up because if that job that seems like it's going to last forever, ends, you'll never catch up with the freelancers. This happens a lot here with TV station designers. Oh Yeah, and I've worked the full spectrum of the industry, from film studios to TV networks to post houses to small boutiques.
  13. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/01/15/us/politics/mitt-romney-offers-praise-for-a-donors-business.html?pagewanted=all
  14. After 15 years, I realized that it was not going to get any better, I was sick of walking around in a state of nervous exhaustion. Five years ago, I decided to quit. It has taken that long to make a full break. All I can say is thank God I did. The money is piss poor in motion graphics. We make below blue collar workers, like plumbers and electricians. You are a slave to a computer at work, and on week-ends you stay glued to the computer keep up with the field. I guess some people find that having a fulfilling life. They are welcome to it. For gifted young people, motion graphics is a black hole.
  15. Great bounces! I haven't had time to go through the tutorials though.
  16. Can someone recommend an affordable (under $1,000) scanner. this is just for scanning photos and elements.
  17. You have no choice, except to not let yourself be over-worked. This is something that cannot be gamed. You'll just crash and burn or become so obnoxious they'll can you. Computer graphics is unusually hard on the system - the constant micro motions and decisions, not to mention eyeball burn. Think of yourself as a fine instrument - which you are. Protect yourself, and don't let idiot producers abuse you. I get my very fastest, and best work done in 8 hour a day, union shops. When you only have 8 hours, you stay focused. You come to work relaxed and ready to go. When I briefly work in the 10-hour a day shops, it feels draggy and drawn out. Nature protects you by slowing you down. Otherwise you'd just keel over dead. It's hard to tell producers that the more they over-work you, the less they get all around. But the real professional shops understand this. Producers get a little jealous because of the shorter hours, but their jobs are far less physically stressful.
  18. Why would a graphic designer go near motion? The pay is no longer middle class, the hours are beyond belief. It's a blue collar field. We were always jealous the way PSD artists made so much more, and have a faster path toward art directing.
  19. 5Pointz is a famous old warehouse near PS1 art museum. It is covered with graffiti by the best from all over the world. Its owner is about to tear it down and replace it with high-rise apartments. There's a petition below. NYT article at (the photos don't do it justice) http://www.nytimes.c...rowed-time.html To sign the petition to try and save it: http://www.ipetition...support5pointz/
  20. An advantage of Lynda.com is that you can pay by the month. So for $25, you get all you can watch in 30 days. Some of the tutorials were excellent, some were the idiots who prattle on and pad everything out. I wasn't wild about the Cinema 4d or FCP tutorials that I took years ago. Maybe they've gotten better. Photoshop wasn't bad.
  21. This is a last ditch, scorched earth maneuver that usually works like a charm. Send your Client's client a friendly note and ask them to help persuade your client to pay you. Be sure to let them know how much you enjoyed working on their project. More than likely, they will email your client a copy of your note, which should (at least it did for me) result in prompt payment. The very last ditch is to talk to an attorney about taking them to civil court. a note from your attorney should scare the crap, along with a check, out of them. When you work for small, friendly Mom&Pop companies, you are always on unsteady ground. One of my best clients fell on his face in a tennis game, and his personality went through a 180 degree transformation. I believe it had to do with the medication, but suddenly the guy wouldn't pay anybody, and started making insane accusations against his employees. More recently, a reliable client became insolvent and the checks turned rubber. Video producers always have a 50% up front policy. I can't figure out why graphics artists let themselves get ripped off so easily.
  22. Alt, Todd? So I take it Adobe is still feuding with Apple?
  23. Our field is hands-down the most stressful and intense, which without conscious diligence will morph us into droids. This Christmas, I hope everybody's thinking outside the computer screen, a little about the needy, wildlife, the planet, the arts - all could use even just a token of your help. I'm not patting my back, but will mention that after a good few months of work, am sending friends cheesie stuffed animals from a site where proceeds go toward protecting wildlife, magazine subscriptions to help along a worthy arts periodical, a straight donation to help little school kids get nutritious food, a little something to party of choice (even though they've let me down, I dig our 2 senators), and always put something in the Salvation Army bucket because my old Uncle says they were good to the soldiers in WWII, and a token for Michael Moore because he's posting bail for Assange. They weren't big donations, so I'm not all puffed up with righteousness. But whatever is better than nothing. And I hope that everyone has a happy, relaxing holiday. If you're not working, no stress - we've all been there.
  24. There is one and only one technique that you will ever need: Sucking Up.
  25. I agree, Newt. The blacks are the first thing I noticed. Also, so much hardware going on, you lose site of the subject. Even so, far better technically than anything I could ever achieve.
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