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  1. Yeah the pricing for the temp license seems odd. A year and a half on the subscription model costs the same as buying it outright and it's not like C4D has that many useful upgrades that we'd want to update every 18 months. Kinda feel like if 24months rental was equal to buying the license outright and you could really spread the payments out monthly would make sense.
  2. Interesting, I did some googling and it seems like the early plugins for Thea were crap so maybe that scared some people away and got them a bad rep. I really hope the userbase grows, seems ideal for mograph in so many ways.
  3. Thanks for that. Thea seems to be really great in a lot of respects. Any idea why Octane is the go to for Mograph, with a bigger user base? The only thing right now that has me leaning towards Octane versus Thea is just the larger user base (so more tutorials, easier to get questions answered on forums, and maybe more likely to have more active development)... Are there a lot of online render farms that support Thea?
  4. No one's commented yet...really stellar work both this and the rest of the stuff on your site. Always love when people take motion design out of the realm of the typical title sequences and commercials!
  5. I would recommend you use this script from AE scripts http://aescripts.com/evil-twin-stereo-3d/ The short answer is no, good stereo is never simple. There a bunch of different factors to consider. Don't have time to write an exhaustive post and have only done one stereo project so not an expert, but for example with clouds transparency is tricky in stereo. Also for fly throughs any big objects that get cut by the edge of the frame break the 3D illusion. From my experience I recommend using parallel cameras so you can adjust the convergence after.
  6. Basecamp could be amazing, but they never seem to quite have all the features you want and they are extremely weird with how they remove functionality between updates. Was super excited for all the updates in version three...until I realized they took out the calendar! No calendar in a project management tool WTF. Thinking of switching to trello do they have a calendar?
  7. Well stop motion since everything is pretty baked in/planned out, you could shoot at a resolution of something like 1920X1080 or 2-4K to allow a little repo, but you don't really need all the extra resolution, unless you have a scene where you very specifically want to maybe shoot it wide and then punch in for a close up. This software is great for stop motion work http://www.dragonframe.com/
  8. A lot of the traditional animators I know are using TVpaint instead of toonboom now.
  9. Not sure exactly about all this first second third hold stuff works but basically but when I was freelancing I would always say priority goes to the first concrete booking, So if you wan't to do a tentative booking sure but if I am offered something concrete in the same time frame I will call you and give you a couple hours to get back to me if you want to book me for real in which case you get priority, but you have a very small window to shit or get off the pot. That's for onsite, if I am doing remote I more or less go with robertbowen's system. Schedules always get pushed and pulled.
  10. Yeah the weird thing is the finder utility would crash everytime I tried to launch it until I plugged it into the router making it useless. Avid support is also terrible, they have no free support even online they make you pay for everything and you have to pre-buy a support ticket on their website, really is the worst thing I've seen.
  11. Problem solved, plugged the artist color directly into the router instead of the switch and got it to work. Weird thing is we had been using it plugged into the switch for months without any problems...oh well.
  12. Anyone here use an Avid/Euphonix MC color Mine stopped connecting to resolve. Was troubleshooting and tried to install latest version of the EU control software, but now that software won't launch. Now I'm downgrading version by version 3.3 to 3.2 etc. and still no luck. Getting weird windows cant find HUI.exe error. I really don't get it everything was working fine for ages and now nothing I do seems to work.
  13. Easy, I'm on Win 7 now after years of being on a MAC and with the addition of a few add on programs to get tabbed browsing windows and stuff much prefer Win OS. It's a small amount of work upfront to configure things in Windows but no problem after. My 2 cents is save yourself the headaches and just get a straight up Windows machine.
  14. Yeah I like the slack because people are actually using it but man is it hard to follow if you're busy and just want to just check in once a day....maybe I'm just getting old...
  15. Thanks Aaron in the end I decided to just wipe and restore from backup. We lost about a day of work but that's life. Funny you say QNAP help is good, my experience with them is that it's non existent. I've never been able to get phone support from them. They have never offered to remote in, I've had a hard time to get them to even look at logs I've sent them.
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