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  1. The Grudge I and II, House on Haunted Hill and the Omen were done by the Picture Mill among others. PXM
  2. Are they white titles on black? If so, try dropping the white levels to about 92% Are you doing any log to lin cineon conversion? If so, set the highlight expansion (rolloff) on your conversion to zero Try adding 2-4 pixels of vertical motion blur. If you try the bitmap thing, make sure to break it up into several chunks or you'll likely get image buffer crashes. Keep in mind that certain speeds are naturally stroby, if you have any leeway, try just slowing them down or speeding them up.
  3. Uh, my dyslexia made me laugh when I read this.
  4. Thats why I'm intentionally bad at explaining things.
  5. I think I drank too much and didn't eat enough
  6. Hey firebetty, I'm not a black haired girl anymore.
  7. Fred I know you didnt want it to happen, but... Variety WOOOO!
  8. Hey, I think I met Boy1Der yesterday. Not sure though. I'll find out tonight.
  9. Thanks Firebetty, my ears are pissed. Now I have to listen to Entrance to settle them down.
  10. That sounds like a lot more work than I had planned for today
  11. If you take Venice Blvd to La Cienega to Fountain to Seward, it'll only take you 1-2 hours
  12. seabass

    I need some muzak

    Thank you, I love this CD. It's like a mix between Danielson and Modest Mouse only it sounds better than that description.
  13. Throw a rock and you'll hit one. Haven't been to NYC in a while, so I'm not sure what these places are like now, but I liked Manitoba's (AveB @ 6th) and The Ding Dong Lounge (Columbus @ 105th).
  14. seabass

    I need some muzak

    Old style Love - Forever Changes New Style Minus The Bear - Planet of Ice !!! - Myth Takes Other Men - Wake Up Swimming Modest Mouse - We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank
  15. I've always hated festival shows until this last weekend. Twas great.
  16. Scatter, plus displacement map. Using random horizontal lines as a the map.
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