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  1. Fixed the top alignment great call Binky! The bottom part is the bit I won't be able to do too much touching to since I don't know much about how the code works together. A great friend helped me out with it. I wouldn't call it a mess but it I totally agree with the top alignments. We tried having an animation for the "Daley" or it blinking at first but then you are just really calling attention to it. So a one time "rollover this thing" call out seemed like the easiest, least "wow look at me im flaaash" answer. In terms of screenshots, I put up some frames from the projects and then boards for it are followed thereafter. Some of the spots like GGTV I made the boards and they used my scene file for the materials/lighting. Some of them are just purely boards either didn't win the pitch or won it and then it went from a "10 second animation to a 1 second animation" (oh the pain the paaain). Re-Birth was made with Max, learning some C4D now but just a different beast to tackle. Friend (Johanes) did a particle set up. We brainstormed then I did some sketches, ripped apart a 3d model of hands for the splines and then start to set up the particles to follow them. Rest is using final render for the sketch look and then lots and lots of photoshop textures I created that we then tossed into Max to render with camera (its a massive sphere inverted then textures applied to it also transparent planes with specific textures w/ aplha on them). Afterwards just made a ton of passes so could colour correct depending on the desire in AE. It was alot of fun setting it up to match my initial frames especially for the last shot. Cheers!
  2. Thanks! Wanted something a little different in terms of how to go about getting the work and leaving as much of the navigation hidden as possible while viewing the frames.
  3. Hey all, been around for a few years lurking in the shadows but just recently in 2009 switched from fulltime (2.5 years) to freelance. Primarily a designer and compositor. Also recently made a short for fun with a friend on my site "Re-Birth" Here is my site: theodoredaley Any questions, comments, feedback I'm all ears - I've got thick skin so have at it! Thanks, Theo D.
  4. There isn't one single shortcut but a few combined should give you (unless i misunderstood the question) what you need. Select the layer, press "PAGEUP" or "PAGEDOWN" (reverses and advances by one frame, if you hold shift while pressing either it advances/ reverse by 10 frames). Then press "ALT" + "[" or "]" (will cut to where your playhead is currently).
  5. t_dot


    Hey FlipSwitch, No worries Dexter will be coming back to kill some more Showtime Orders more Dexter. So you will have to wait until next summer to see some more. I wish this series would be more popular (ie closer to Heroes type of ratings) though and the intro by DK is pretty great (taking such benign elements and making them appear horrific). The one issue I have is the use of DIN for the credits, no more DIN damnit!! Been using that for 4 years, it's becoming the neue Helvetica (yes that was a horrible pun).
  6. Great to see your work man! Let me know how the gradshow is going so far (you better know who this is)! Also Tokyo Lab was featured on apple site 2 days ago.
  7. What we really need to bring back the forums is another Scrill... I remember laughing my ass off while waiting for renders. *Sigh*
  8. Actually just got mine this tuesday! It helps if you have someone sponsor you (I.e. a reputable firm). I went through a lawyer but I'm sure you could do it yourself (just a big hassle, especially for people like me. I don't care for forms unless the design is interesting). Essentially you fill in a very detailed form. It has (alot of questions, I'll only list the major stuff): your residence in canada, expected residence in america, position offered, wages offered, length of stay *believe for TN it is only good up to 1 year precisely so you typically make it one year -1 day so you can also go renew it*, place of work, contact in canada and in u.s. (home phone and/or cell phone), all schools you have attended, degrees, proof of graduation, passport, resume, any family in the u.s. and if so what is their residency status, it's quite exhaustive. Then need a letter sponsoring you (says how valuable you are, outlines what you will do, what the company does, how many employees,etc.) Also need their last years gross annual income (tax forms, etc.) After all of that there are a couple of forms (I'm not a lawyer all I can say is they vouch for you and also make an "official" request to apply for the TN visa and specifically WHERE you will be doing this (airport or border). Then you would go to immigration office and give them all your forms and supporting materials (I guess it helps to show if you have won any awards and such to show you are a vital asset). Basically the best scenario is to be overqualified for the visa (whereas there are some Visas you need 20 letters of reference from people in your specific field attesting to your qualifications!) You fill in one form in person (just typical stuff, where you are coming from, where you plan on going, passport number, etc.) and then you may or may not have an interview. One of my friends had an interview at the border but he said it was about 15 mins, another was denied because she had a letter saying she has graduated but the wording wasn't correct (she graduated but did not have her diploma as she left prior to the convocation where you receive the diploma), I however was lucky - they just let me through with no interview. After all of that, you pay the fee (50$ u.s. in cash, they don't give change but they gave me some since I had no idea). And if all went smoothly they give you your visa! Not sure how you would go about finding all of this online but going through a lawyer saved me any thinking (but naturally have to pay the lawyer fees). What I can say though is if a company is willing to go through all the hoops to have you be extremely grateful - just going through this process I was wondering why companies (unless they have a huge accounting/business staff) would bother helping out us little guys. Sorry if some of it sounds a bit disconnected, just got back from watching Babel. PM me or post in this forum if anything super vital you wanted to know that I did not answer.
  9. I would say it isn't too hard finding some of the most recognizable logos out there, what is a bit more difficult is finding people who have been an influential logo (print/web/product/etc) designer AND motion designer. The only person that pops to my mind is: Saul Bass:King of logos, then conquered movie titles way back in the day You can search and find tons of links on him or just go check out this book. Would be nice (though not exactly the topic of this convo) to see any other influential designers who moved from one area to then come into motion.
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