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  1. Hey guys, I saw this short a while ago, it was stop motion (prob in 3d). Two weird creatures, smoking hooka, on a tree. One was a big creature, the other was a smaller creature who had wings i think. They were contemplating life or some philosophical subject life existence. One asked a question, the other would replay. I think they sampled the vocals from some old show or something... Can someone help me? Im trying to find it, and I cant..... please help. Thanks
  2. Look Sao, I dont know how u managed to figure out I combined all these things that really piss u off. Ur just making the assumptions that I use plugins, which i dont except for shine. I did take the advice that was given to me. Just because im not so familiar with the techniques of rotoscoping, doesnt mean im not willing to learn it. And Im far from implying that ppl in this industry arent willing to work their asses off. I have alot of respect for this type of work, and thats why im learning about this side of the industry. So please dont assume things since I barely have any posts up. Sorry if it seemed like that was what I hinted at u, it wasnt.
  3. yep... but he's got the cash, and i get paid... so i gotta shut my mouth... i freaking hate it!
  4. true that... BSing and BS directors and producers are all over the industry today... and unfortunately they make bank because bigger companies and corporations are stupid... Im working for a guy who never went to school. But he has so much under his belt... and all bullshit. He lives in a huge house and drive a mustang. Tell me where is the justice?
  5. Damn Sao... whats up with the harsh words man? "you need to seek a job in the fast food industry". That really hurts! Im not scared of a lil roto... Im just saying sometimes its a bitch... Im allowed to say that right? Jeez... sorry
  6. Yea, i saw this tutorial a while ago... Im really bad with expressions. But this tutorial proves that bending a 3d layer in AE is possible. Well... I think its time for me to buy a book on expressions. Thanx for the link btw
  7. Thats what I wanted to know. I guess i'll have to go and do it all in studio max. Thanx Rothermel
  8. hmmm... well i'll take ur word on it. thats a bitch to do... But that doesn solve my question. I wanted to know how to bend 3d layers in after effects. If i wanna wrap one 3d layer over another one.
  9. what? what do u mean? I hope u dont mean frame by frame... It doesnt even make sense. Unless there's a plugin out there thats called rotoscope and does something completely different.
  10. Hey guys... I was wondering how can one make a normal 3d layer wrap around another layer or object? If u dont know what Im talking about, i hope u've all seen that gap commercial. http://youtube.com/watch?v=IUZrxxymSpQ Or was it all done in 3d?
  11. Hey guys, I was hoping this thread would help me and others to get a sense of some of the most inspiring Logos out there. Im hoping u guys can post links to timeless logos of some of the biggest companies out there (Nike, etc.)
  12. Wow, really nice work....demented music though... kinda creeps me out
  13. Hey guys, I posted the intro for a pilot thread not too long ago. I got some great critics. I posted my post-critic work... but no one has looked at it. So im posting a new thread here. Hope I'll get new critics. Thanks http://www.underhilldrivestudios.com/eco_town.mov
  14. I worked on it a lil more, and I came up with this... I think it flows more now and the typography relates a little to the title itself... Please tell me what u think.. Thanks http://www.underhilldrivestudios.com/eco_town
  15. Thats pretty cool Quez. Do u know of a way to do it in Studio Max?
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