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  1. www.mint.gs it links to pond5, if you find anything suitable get back to me and I can make you a good offer cheers dj
  2. we are building out our library, so far we present our chroma keyed videos on pond5.. www.chromashop.info cheers dj
  3. ... hmmm, can it also be an animated gif? or a small flash file?.. motion graphics..?
  4. http://www.petitfour.info in Montreux (and Hamburg/D). where are you? Cheers et Salut Daniel
  5. Hey there, check out www.chromashop.info. We are slowly building out our library, hope you find what you are looking for.. Else get in touch, daniel@petitfour.info Cheers daniel
  6. about 2 years ago, I was working for TBWA internally. the job was a whole (illustrated?) campaign for Navigon, a navigator thing.. I did the whole lines and lights that were supposed to show mhmm the ways to navigate in After Effects with Trapcode stroke.. and these lines are the only thing shown besides the actual product shot.. worked out fine, just needed to use extremely huge comps, so that in the end the output would equal 300 dpi. I will get it out on our site soon,.. have to do a couple of updates anyway.. cheers /dj
  7. hey there, are you looking for images/photos or moving stock? if moving, we are building a library right now, I can get you many shots like these for little $.. www.chromashop.info (all are prekeyed!) cheers /dj
  8. Hello, Chromashop.info is now selling all its clips discounted. (15 instead of 150 USD).. maybe that works for you. Happy new year!
  9. I just lowered the pricing significantly on chromashop.info. From 159 USD to 15 USD, since it was basically a test. If you ever wanted royalty free greenscreen footage, its a catch. Happy New Year! Daniel
  10. hello! whenever I do these kinda things (multiple flat surfaces/photos..), I duplicate the item and separate them by a very small increment. than colorize the back in whatever way (gray?) I feel fits the project. not sophisticated, maybe it helps merry christmas daniel
  11. check out all the stuff the BBC is doing, thats classic TV Design but still not cheesy..
  12. looking for graphical stuff? go here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGWkdNWFZiI this is the original stuff, not the german tv rip off ...
  13. http://chromashop.info/ cheaper than ribbit, and way younger!
  14. .. become a superior! no, seriously, this is work. deal with it, relax, push where you can, get over it where it does not work, change the job. this is all there is.. hope it works out!
  15. Thanks Sao! Later I have moved all my files into ProRes422, just to make them more easily moveable in AEP, but still not sure if I am not missing the whole point... Interframe codec.. Isnt the original mp2 (that is contained in the initial mp4) an interframe codec already??? Lots of questions, I know.. thanks for insights!!!! /dj
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