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  1. Hi guys, I am working in a project witch is giving me a bad time to complete the render. The animation as 125 frames, but stops rendering at frame 103 always. If i do a quick with software preview render it render all the frames. I am not using global illumination or advanced render, i tried with different file formats, copy all my animation in to a new file, all my animation settings are 25 fps. The day before was rendering the whole animation but yesterday i added more elements and when i had to render to show the creative director i came across with this. And i have a legal C4D v12. As anyone had this problem or know what might be ? Thanks.
  2. Guys recently i got mac book pro i5, and i also have one quad core as well with maya installed 2008. I installed 3 time in the book pro, every single time after installing inside application the maya icon to launch the application was gone.....even tried to go to a file and open from it and the file was not recognisable as maya wouldn't been installed in the computer, and tried another version as well 2009 and same thing, it could be a processor prob? in my other computer i have as well the latest OS running too. Can anyone help on this thanks. Helder
  3. Thanks a lot guys, Well i São Bento, i couldn´t give too much details, we never know who´s reading this...EH EH EH. Anyway im done with this,i had my interview, and now im waiting. Thanks guys
  4. IM not nort North american, thats why i asked.....i don´t have a clue of more or lees are the average there. Thanks Anyway.
  5. Guys in LA what is the salary average for a motion designer, with some experience. I have an interview really soon and i need to know the average in case i´ll be asked. Thanks
  6. Beaver, soon i as i grab agains that project i´ll post it here, waiting for some feeedback from the client. Thanks Helder
  7. Guys reently i moced to a new company, and here i use Afx cs4 , and windows Vista ( nerver used vista neither cs4) I run Mac usually. Im doing a pretty simple project with 75 layers no HD footage only vectores and images, no motion blur or lights. I have done much more complex with other machine and never had this kind of problem, the workflows SUCKS this way. DOING ram preview even in quarter....is kind slow Mt work computer is: 2 "4 core processores 2.33 " 8 GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX Any one out there had the same problem or know any good link where i can make the perfect setup for this combination ? Thanks
  8. Paulo all the best for you, i hope you can make it happen. Don´t be afraid or somewhere in the future you´ll regret not trying to done it. CHHHER´S
  9. You have nice stuff, but as like other said.....try something diferent too,they lok more experiments. And i can see you must love DVEIN work Keep going, good start consedering your age.
  10. Well i dont have green patchs here, but i would be anoyed for shure, solution i would wear my headphones and music allday long if i wouldn´t need to use music in my work project... EVEN WROST !!!! you go to bed at 6 or 7 am......and at 9, your neighbour is throwing down some concrete walls, one month ago i had that feeling.
  11. I don´t know if this subject was posted here before, but come one guys.........IT´S A REALLITY!! I include my self because i live with my girl for the past 7 years, and i have a BIG BAG full of complanis EH EH Really hard sometimes to give her all the atention she needs, or sometimes you are working estra hours...... doing tutorials... reasearching....experimenting...............but moust is work. Really HARD SOMETIMES I can say.... i verry demanding profesion and pasion, i know some guys who have broken up, other some girls complain..... some prefere stay alone.....not easy sometimes. At least my self i try to balance things but is complicated....... Whay have you to say ?
  12. I SLeep 4 to 5 hours per day, sometimes less, when i get extra frelancing even less, but after racing he clock, i allways try to have 2 3 days of good sleeping about 8 hours a day.
  13. Hi there guys, i am a member of this forum for a long time.....but never posted any piece of work or ever made and a topic before, just some few replys, and that´s all. I was coming here for read things, tutorials and some other news, once in a while.... From now on i intende to contribute more to the comunnity and participate more. To start i want to share my work with you guys, recently i had to make a new website and gader some work pieces, for a new job oportunity persuit and WAS ALL WORTH IT im in a new company now. PIXELDISFUNCTION PS- Notice all 3d , animation and design are made by me. Looking forward to hear from you guys
  14. As it was mentioned, you need some work there, and practice more go gain more skills. You don´t need to make jobs for others to do some more work, just make your hown projects simulate your ads, you vid clips,.... This way you aer allways rooling and doing work. Cheers
  15. Yes same as Videocopilot, i thought abou it too Fezz. Anyway there some diferent in the cgarena links.
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