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  1. Hey all, I have a model I got through a client. It had to be exported from Solidworks to Rhino and then to C4D as an obj so I could work with it in C4D. So being that the model was in one piece, I needed to break it up so I could animate it. However when I do this, the polygons flip and model gets screwy. I forget what I did previously to fix that but I can't remember. What I would do is select my polygons, then current state to object and delete. then on the duplicate, I would invert the selection and delete. That's where the polygons would mess up on delete on either copies. Can anyone help me? Thank you
  2. Someone also made a plugin called "spline knife" that worked well. Can't remember where I dled it but some searching should be easy.
  3. This is a little late but this is a response to the very first post in the thread.... the youtube video with english lyrics.... so much funnier with words lol btw moved to Ogden a few months ago... the women have that southern big hair where they have such crazy curls, that when you look at their heads from behind in a car, it looks like Medusa is driving. And on another note, anyone know any good motion graphic studios around here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtJRNyPK-lc
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