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  1. Glad to hear people are having good experiences with this plugin/renderfarm combo.. I'm going to be checking them out for some renders in the next month. $150 for usage of 5 12core macs for 24 hours definitely sounds very very reasonable.
  2. del_razor


    Cool work! I like the idea of collectives. Also, the cigians.com link you have posted goes to the Boonar.com website. Here's a proper link http://www.cigians.com
  3. David Copperfield over here has the touch.. Shape Layer it is
  4. I've done similar effects using a precomp of a "grid of lines" and then using polar co-ordinates on that precomp.. animate the grid coming in from one of the sides on the precomp and it'll introduce nicely like that.. Sorry for giving more explanation. I hope I haven't ruined anyone's careers by explaining this..
  5. del_razor

    Portal 2

    Steam ID : delRazor Add me, guys.. I play both BFBC2 and Portal 2 CoOp often.. Also been playing a lot of Homefront MP (late nights and weekends only)
  6. del_razor

    Portal 2

    They definitely outdid themselves with this one.. it feels like a complete game instead of just an experiment like Portal 1 was.. There's so much to look at in the game, as well.
  7. del_razor

    Portal 2

    Played a bit last night when it launched.. great game. TONS of polish. plus, there are some mograph type things in there. from the video screens at the start of each level, to the cloner object style wall panels flying around.. Great atmosphere, great animation.
  8. I've heard some cool things about this one.. http://www.rabbitfarm3d.com/
  9. seriously.. pristine renders, great overall edit. Sick work, Mike.. keep it up!
  10. First off.. sorry for re-posting instead of bumping the thread up.. Second.. I'm pretty sure you could let that reel sit for 2-3 years and it'd still be fresh not that it would be productive for you, or smart to do .. but still. btw.. it's cool to see your new work incorporating some different older ideas in new light.. I. E. the Richard Durand spot, with the crowd of hands, reminded me of your reel open from '07.. but with a completely different vibe..
  11. Hey all, This is not my reel. I've come across it and wanted it submitted to the reels section. All the work in this reel is outstanding. Menno Fokma / Reel 2010 Here's their site. http://www.mennofokma.nl/ Enjoy!
  12. del_razor

    Sunday Lunch

    Very cool.. I had the idea to do something simiar once with my beard.. Pretty well executed too.. only thing I'd say would have been better is to see him finish eating and get up and move around with the hair doing it's thing.. but I know that'd been a whole new monster to tackle, visually.
  13. Nice find Monovich.. Do you have any personal experience working through The Brigade's remote network?
  14. Thanks for all the advice everyone. On the team management / basecamp thing.. check this out.. http://bit.ly/byc2Im Seems pretty interesting, and easy to update people on what's going on with a project. Plus, if you don't want their service on their servers, just install it on your own server and customize to your heart's content. I'm going to look into this, personally. Looks like it could really keep a team together online.
  15. btw.. here's my site with my reel.. it's long as hell.. I know i need a cut down.. http://www.delrazor.com/ I'll get it in my sig when I get the time to edit it..
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