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  1. ffing drug tourists... first thing when they get of the plain is a cab straight to a coffee shop to get high and pissed drunk. there will be a ban of magic mushrooms, this after an incident where a french girl decided she could fly off a bridge...
  2. no worries kgb, theyre my favorite animals
  3. jkorngold i mostly play biljards online (which you can buy in the marketplace)...
  4. poor Piet... maybe check the davinci code...
  5. ****If you look closer -- its a M and lower casr d in the logo **** make it a Capital D, nothing in your type would suggest there to be a lowercase so it doesnt communicate being a lowercase d... which only adds confusion. so gray up 6 and 8 and the Cuts thru the blocks to make it an M feels ackward too... maybe leave 1 and 3 a normal clock and 2 half a block...
  6. if Canon was selling photo frames this would be a good thing but it isnt the case... its not working because your eyes cant get get focus on any of whats going on because its going way too fast, sure its a natural drop but that doesnt mean it also communicates anything... if you want to keep this idea maybe drop only two or three frames and lock onto them longer, then pullout to see that there are more frames. also your pullbackzoom feels un natural, you move one way, then move back and pullout very abruptly... so again maybe have two three drop, pull back to see more frames... then maybe pull back again while another frame drops into place with the logo in it, fade out the frame to leave the logo up. *edit and get a bigger variaty in frames.....
  7. would be wise to note what 3d app your using. in 3ds max you can use reactor cloth or simcloth... in both cases you can attach your corner vertexes (or more) to other objects, animate those objects to desired location (think like your finger tips), let simulation do the rest...
  8. hmmmm, really dont like it. its been way to hyped up, you could guess exactly what it was gonna be like from the revealed image, the element of surprise from the previous spot was completely gone because of that..., the choice of audio to have the paint react on is a dead cliche... still an insane production though. the previous spot was way better, not only because the idea of such an insane production but the flow of the spot is extremely harmonious and very well cut in its story of a few balls to millions.... and also sported a beautifull soundtrack that when you hear it now on the radio you think of bouncing balls. if anyone from sony is reading this, save all the hype, and save the Making off etc... till after the spot launches
  9. your red plastic is probably not good, its probably set too reflective mkaing it more like a metal or chrome, so lessen the reflection color (dark red, or gray), make sure the IOR is around 1.46, fresnel reflection.
  10. boomerlabs is beta testing AE2Max...
  11. this kinda stuff brings back memories nice that you gave it some reason rather then just being abstract for the sake of it. in general i like it, maybe it can be a little shorter overall, but most importantly i would be good if you can find a better transition then using SHINE between scenes, maybe travel "inside the brain" thru tubes or whatever till you reach one of the environments and pullout again so it feels more seamless. the type could be polished up aswell, give it reason being there, like data reading out over the brains activity or something like that.
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