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  1. I am a Web Designer who wants to expand my design knowledge and take my art work to the next stage.So i wanted to know is their any good Online Graphic Design School.I was thinking for SCAD.Can anyone pls guide me.Any good school from your side will be highly appreciated.Thanks.
  2. Really grt tutorials and FREE too
  3. Good to hear that u r thinking of making a career as a Motion Graphic Designer.I think basic design skills r a must in this field since software will come and go.Books on design like Grid System in graphic Design, thinking in type , Design Manual will really help u out.If u think of going for college u can also think of going for Online graphic design course, in schools like scad, arta online. Does anyone have any idea of this Online design school.
  4. Do u ppl c this movie properly since it hangs on my comp.I had viewed it in Firefox.
  5. http://www.elogodesign.com/typography-guide/ http://typies.blogspot.com/2006/11/15-tips...-text-type.html
  6. http://yuxt.com/artist/typography_in_music_videos
  7. http://www.adobe.com/resources/education/c...udy_motion.html Some good Info by Adobe
  8. papillon

    VTC vs Lynda

    Does any one have any idea of the Power Start series for After Effects 7, since i am starting learning AE through it.
  9. http://boltfromblue.com/beyondtheblue/ http://wisdump.com/design/typography-tools...s-of-the-trade/ some more good resource.
  10. Hi quera thnks for the reply.I have an Indian passport and looking for some uk company to sponsor my visa or will go through Holiday Working visa mode.I want to work as a fulltime and gather some good UK work experience..
  11. Hi everyone, I am a Senior Web Designer working in an online advertising firm with 3-4 yrs experience in India.I have plans to work in UK as a Web Designer since i think i will get a good exposure in the Design Field than that i am getting in India.So can any one guide me on how i can get a job in UK.Will my online portfolio be an added advantage to me getting a job in uk. Thanks for the feedback.
  12. http://www.adverblog.com/ May be this will also help.
  13. Great Article.Really helpful. An article for a beginner starting on Basics of Design would also help ppl like me. Thanks.
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