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  1. These are really cool. Thanks for sharing. When I download the files I get broken textures when I open them in Cinema 4D. Is this normal? Thanks again for showing great work.
  2. brink


    Hi Chinaski, thanks for the tip, I've spent about 4 hrs building clouds, but so far I can only place particles by using lights and PMatterWaves in Cinema 4D. If you're using C4D, could you give any tips on how you set up the b/w image maps for the PMatterWaves node, so that you get more precise control. I've tried millions of combinations nearly and my brain hurts. Any tips would be great, it's a cool effect. Thanks.
  3. brink


    Wow nice clouds. How do you use cloud maps? Sorry if that's a daft newbie question, but now that I've got Cinema I can'ty stay away. Thanks
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