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  1. Hello, Actually Houdini is by far the most powerful tool for motion design in my humble opinion. Curves, dynamics, volumes, channel operators and particles are just amazing and can be used for graphic purposes even if they seem dedicated to VFX. The typography tool is a bit clunky but you can deal with it with some little tweaks, same for the awfull deformers that don't even compare with c4d's comfortable ones. It is not as simple as C4D of course because of the huge possibilities it offers, but in case of complex mograph/expresso set up, the difficulty is quite the same in both app. The UI is just amazing once you are used to it and once you understand that you can just link anything to anything. The "bridge" with c4d is indeed a great thing.
  2. Hello, There is also the amazing Instance colorizer plugin by tools4d.com, much more flexible and precise imo. Cheers.
  3. Hello, Or just add some value in the Up vector settings (under the bounding box option) 0,1,0 is working fine for example.
  4. Hello, Anyway you would have to clone the lights (with a cloner or an emitter), the spline wrap just deforms geometry. Cheers.
  5. Hello, Yes sorry several Weight effectors work fine. I just can't invert the falloff to fix points. thx
  6. I guess you saw this : http://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/topic/36241-spline-points-maps-instead-vertex-maps/
  7. Hello, Only one weight effector is allowed ? The restriction tab is not reactive to more than one weight effector ? thx
  8. Hello, It renders fine on R15, R14 and R13 in physical. I am on mac, could this be a Windows issue ?
  9. Sorry, my QT version is 10.0(118).
  10. Thx a lot, but QT keeps it to 1024/576 even when I resize it 100%. actual size is 1024/576 but After CS5.5 just show me a half of it whatever I do.
  11. I am pretty stuck on this : I have some SD footage that opens fine in QT (info says : 1024/576 Apple anim…) but when I import it in CS5.5 it gives me a 512/288 file at resolution 1. I can't get the right resolution. Any thought on what I am missing ? Thx a lot
  12. pasto1

    Gkaster demo reel

    Amazing work Pierre as usual.
  13. Tu vas pas me croire mais on a attaqué les JO 2010 ! (Vancouver) Et sinon quelques films en cours, je cherche toujours des locaux sur Paris pour 'grossir' un peu. Et le site de LK avance… doucement. J'espère que tu vas bien.
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