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  1. You guys are funny. ya give me all the shit yet ya still help me out. thanks dude.
  2. Rothermel: I'm not trying to make it. I'm trying to see good examples of what i've mentioned.
  3. ssup all, I gotta find some references for mondrianish effects, basically squares flying all around the place in a mondrian style, best if the squares are transparent and not 3-d but flat. It's actually a common effect, almost too common and overused that i can't find it no more. But anyway yea, if you guys remember seeing some of these in the reel section, or anywhere, just leave me a note. Thanks guys. Tom.
  4. got a question for ya'll one of my clients asked me if i could send some videos across in uncompressed quicktime format. I'm gonna have it mailed so it's gonna be in a dvd. now, the file sizes are gonna be huge, and i know that he's not gonna be using them to edit or any other further work. So i'm thinking if it's okay to send it to him using a lossless codec rather than sending it to him umcompressed and have him complaining that the video jags too much. what do you think?
  5. Dear All, Just gotta find something out but can't seem to find it on the net. I'm sure you guys are aware of Believemedia, but where is the company based in, LA, NY, or London? Thanks guys. Sam
  6. So what is it guys? I use www.inmagine.com www.gettyimages.com what else is there? Thanks. Tom.
  7. LOL. Yea I insist. i didn't notice it when i wrote it but it does sound fucking retarded. but i got what i wanted from the vodafone spot and its all good. thanks dude.
  8. damn dude. i just needed some references. i still do. hope someone could help me
  9. Hi all, I'm gonna be making one of those dove-commercial-like creamy liquid substances and am looking for some references at the moment. Basically the liquid will fly around the place mixing with other creamy white liquid flying around all around the place. Does anyone know where I could see this kind of video, any showreels on this site? or movies, music videos, commercials, anything will help. Tom.
  10. Wassup guys, got a question to ask you guys. Do you guys know any tv commercials or movies, tv shows, any media actually, photos would be good too, of a shit load of water pouring down or splashing on to a woman? If you do, just give me the name. Your help is very much appreciated. Thanks. Tom.
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