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  1. I'm an American, so let me clear something up... If you ask us where we live we will tell you "The United States", even if there are other states which are united in the world. But, if you ask me what I am I will tell you that I'm an American. Why? Because it sounds freakin' STUPID to say that I'm a "United Statian" or a U.S. of A-ian. Maybe some may call themselves a U.S. Citizen, but that just sounds stiff and uninviting. ALSO, we do not all "Make ourselves feel good by putting others down." AND we do not all enjoy engaging in ridiculous wars or trying to be everyone's parents. There is a fairly clean split between the two types of people here in that way. But with the internet and a growing dissemination of knowledge, more and more people are coming to the light side. And what the F@*K is Oceania??? What happened to Australia, did I miss something? Hey, fletty, where did you get that right side up map?
  2. DaddyOmega

    Reel me in

    Nope, the simpsons don't use comic sans, you have to do some research before you hurt somebody
  3. Looks like there are some faces missing on the inside, back side of the roll.
  4. Lose the "Spanish" VO. Not everyone understands Spanish Seriously though, this is awesome, but that music next to your graphics is like racing a sick dog against a cheetah. You should get some snazzier music.
  5. Nope. Keep working it. There are things here that say "I'm Better than this."
  6. Uhm... If you don't get why it is "Stupid Fast" you should probably watch it again for the FIRST time. That and I was almost convinced that this was a real local comcast commercial. If you've seen Cox Communications commercials they have two levels, 1. Dead on brand high end & 2. Attention getting concept work with mid range visual work. If this kid is in high school he is off to a tremenous start. BUT, I will say once you are out there trying to get clients, No Spec work in the reel. It's almost a lie. KEEP IT REEL!!
  7. DaddyOmega

    Demo Reel

    Okay, if you look at the beemer, then you look at the hammer, then you look at the beemer and then the hammer again... what does this tell somebody?
  8. Hey I wasn't trying to give any static to any newbs, I really didn't expect to see this guy again, I just figured he was trying to advertise some 3D model site.
  9. Yeah, this dude don't need no internship. Kick him in his plump ripe buttox and send him into production.
  10. If you're gonna post an ad for a site in a forum you could at least be slick about it... S#!!!!!T!!!!
  11. DaddyOmega

    Reel me in

    Okay, you have me there. That and "Chicago" threaten to destroy all mankinds attempts at goodness and light! Oh man, I'm creating monsters...... Muuuuuchos Grassy-ass It's more of a skillful disection really, you see, you start with four small razors, find a rule that's just about to drop from the tree and THWACKKKK!!!..... apple pie ala resistánce!!!!
  12. DaddyOmega

    Reel me in

    Nope, all different people see things differently. Different people get different feelings from different colors. Some people find comfort in order, others like more freedom. Plenty of motion makes some sick while not enough bores others to death. The human population is so diverse in these areas that the definition of art has always been debated. And Yes, the "rules" were just arbitrarily invented over the years by people who think they know what other people think. No offense Sao, you are a wise man, but there are many factors to consider when developing artwork. One of the big ones being a “target audience” if applicable. And it's all too often that big shots at ad agencies and professionals of the visual/audio communication industry (Like you and I) forget that what looks good to us is very different from what looks good to the end recipient. The fact is, most normal folks don't have any idea the detail and precision we put into this stuff. I mean if you're doing it for you then that’s one thing. But if you are attempting to produce something with mass appeal then that changes everything and you need to be dynamic, not held in place by "rules". Take for instance some basic practices for adjusting the colors of your finished work. Most would say, well, you have to look at your waveform monitor and adjust your white and black levels. But the fact is if you made some whacky car that did 3 flips, turned into a turtle and started breathing fire, average Joe is probably going to lose his stuff and be like "dude that is SWEET" even if your whites were all zebra and your colors never left your SMPTE bars. Look at South Park. Now that is some crappy work, totally lacking any form and/or composition. And the colors remind me of when some of my childhood female friends first discovered lipstick. But what makes that work? Aside from the humor and content, it's the style. Those guys just wanted to get across there ideas and kept it cut, dry & crappy. But the style is what makes it. Of course, for those who like it. Further more the "rules" for typography are always changing. Some brilliant master mind artist is always putting two whacky type faces together and changing how we perceive typography. And it just keeps evolving until, and my guess would be, that everything is acceptable. So, what are motion graphics? Do they have to be 3D, 2D, polished or gritty? Do they have to be anti-aliased, consistent, well contrasted or can they just be mere vessels to relay our thoughts and messages? Another good example is Pizza. What do we consider pizza. Well, there has to be some bread involved. Does it have to be round? No, we put "pizza" on French bread all the time. It doesn't even require tomato sauce, hence white pizza. And does it even have to taste good? Nah, anchovies are nasty, but some people like that garbage. And today we accept all types of stuff as "pizza" because brilliant people who had no "regard" for the "rules" kept pushing it in all different directions. Now, lets say that you wanted to look like a motion graphics artist from the 21st century, well then you're going to have to "imitate" some techniques and practices. But if imitation is not your goal then forget about what other people think has to be done. So, do I think Eman’s work is ready for the big time? No. But, I do believe that perhaps, in some ways the big time may not yet be ready for Eman. My main point is this: When it comes to creating, the ONLY "rule" is that there are NONE. Being open minded is pretty much the definition of creativity. And sometimes it either works out or it doesn't. Either you captivate many eyes and ears or you don't. So forget the rules that you didn't make up and make your own. Just keep in mind, that other people will always get pissed off that you still call it “Pizza”.
  13. DaddyOmega

    Reel me in

    <---Despite my suggested Newb tag, (I guess I was kicked off for inactivity, I had to re-register.) I have been watching mograph for years now. And this has to be the most realistic, down to earth & informative track I've ever seen on here regarding getting into the field. I have to say I really relate to eman when he says he wants to develop his own style. I have felt that way so much and also found the software available to be so cumbersome that I've actually stopped being a motionographer, for now… And started being a developer. Yes, I'm creating my own software to take motion graphics to places it has never been. And with an interface that doesn't step on your creative buzz. And I have learned many of the "rules" over the years, BUT... When I'm done with this project, I will make the rules. And when you make the rules, you CAN break the rules. Which ever ones you want. So, keep in mind, there are many routes to take in life. Go your own route, either learn everything you can and develop your own motion style or open new doors and show us how it's done. For instance, you could get really good at producing what is ultimately a 2D image. Or you could focus on putting a holographic projector in the living room of every couch potato across the world and completely change the industry into something new. (Which, imho, it could use.) Now, I'm not going that far with my technology (yet), but I will not spend my precious time playing catch-up. But that is my path.
  14. Actually, I was just thinking "This is interesting stuff, mostly BECAUSE of the naked chicks"
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