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  1. Hi Everyone, My fresh website is ready for your comments Hope you enjoy www.finemaker.pl All the best, Finemaker
  2. Hi, Does anyone know good motion design studios/company in paradise call Hawaii? best, Wojtek
  3. finemaker

    update work

    thanks but I only wants do motion design. best, Wojtek
  4. finemaker

    update work

    hey people. I am looking for a job!!!!! www.finemaker.pl
  5. finemaker

    update work

    hi. H have just update my site. Please take a look. My Webpage best, Wojtek
  6. I think that I like it ) best from Poland
  7. Hi Guys. Do you know any motion design studios based in London? Thanks, Wojtek
  8. thanks a lot )))))) best, Wojtek
  9. Hi everyone. Could you tell me the rate ( per hour or day) for design , concept and storyboard? I really don't know what the prices is in US. Please help. This is example my works ( design, concept and storybord): http://finemaker.pl/img/motion/4.htm http://finemaker.pl/img/motion/3.htm http://finemaker.pl/img/motion/5.htm thanks, wojtek
  10. Niech Zyje Polska !!!! best from Poland
  11. finemaker


    I would like to say that Mr. Raven52321 has right about roto ) best regards, Wojtek
  12. he he ) thanks man! Best regards and respect.
  13. finemaker


    thanks for opinion. I did motion design for 2 years, earlier I was web designer. Best, Wojtek
  14. finemaker


    Hi everyone, I have just update my new site. Please take a look http://finemaker.pl
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