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  1. I learned that you can separate the values of position into X,Y and Z values and animate independently.
  2. Our current setup has us on Mac workstations running CS4 Master Collection and we just purchased 5 PCs as render nodes. Now I went to install AERender on each of the nodes and found out that our discs only have Mac installers on them. Is there a way for me to install After Effects render engines on our PCs with the trial version download or do I need to purchase another license of After Effects for the Windows platform? Any advice I can get would be awesome. Thanks so much!
  3. Is this from experience or do you have a link to something about it? Hopefully Sony will update the Transfer Utility with a fix. I'm assuming you can still drag the BPAV folders off the SxS cards but it sounds like you can't transcode to QuickTime files. Is that right? That is the primary purpose of my MBP and I was hoping to upgrade soon since it's only $30.
  4. I have been looking at C4D, first with r11 and now 11.5, as we started to set up our studio. We currently run a floating license of Maya with a license that floats among the guys on our team but I am curious if there is a floating license version for Cinema. This would help keep the costs down as we look to purchase, even if a single floating license is more than one standard license, since we all won't have a need for it simultaneously, but we would like to work on our individual workstations instead of a dedicated C4D box. Does Maxon offer this type of license structure with r11.5 Studio Bundle?
  5. I saw this a couple days ago. Immediately thought of the Web 2.0 Logo creator.
  6. Is there a reason you want to use expressions? Couldn't you just use the wiggler and set the keyframes to hold?
  7. Thanks AromaKat. That just adds another level of confusion to this now that you are seeing it on Vista. When you rendered out a QT, did you see the banding or did it go away? I just tried it on a Mac with 10.4 and AE 7 and saw the same banding in the preview window, but not in the render. I am sooo confused on this!?!
  8. Ok...I have tried the same comp on multiple monitors (CRT, Apple Cinema Displays, and our low-end Dell's), and there is no difference in the appearance of the preview in AE. The one thing that should be clarified is that the screenshot is a screenshot and is independent of the monitor viewing it. Sao was on the right path with a setting or hardware issue. If someone with the same setup, 8800 GT w/ AE CS3 on Mac OSX 10.5.2 will test this project, I would greatly appreciate it. Remember, banding shows up in the preview of AE, but not in the rendered quicktime file. http://www.f5mediainc.com/ramp_test.aep
  9. We understand that to monitor for color accuracy for broadcast effectively, you need a good broadcast monitor that is calibrated. We work at a digital shop doing interactive work that is not intended for broadcast. In regards to the codec, the files we have been rendering are 8bit (due to the limitations of the Animation codec, we also render to PNG for file size and I'm not sure what it's bit depth is). However, our problem isn't with the final render, but with the preview we see in the Comp Viewer as we work. Again, when we import the final render back into the same project with the same color space there is no banding on the rendered layer.
  10. Thanks Adolfo, for chiming in on this. I just wanted to clarify, it's only while AE is creating layers with gradations (not just ramp) that it appears. If you look at the screenshot above, the render from after effects on the right looks perfect (minus the jpg compression) while the live preview or ram preview has the banding. If we import the exact same render back into AE, it looks just as intended. So apparently it has something to do with the preview of live effects on layers.
  11. http://www.thefwa.com is a great place to start if you are looking for the cutting edge blend of mograph and web technologies, but... Saying great web design is pretty tough. I'm sure you know, with web it really comes down to the target and purpose of the site. Most of the sites from Favorite Website Awards won't score well with Forrester Reports on usability or go over too well with many people outside the design field. You just need to have a clear vision for what you want to accomplish. If you can blend your Mograph skills with web technolgy, there is a big world of work out there. Which BTW, I am hiring for. These are great books for inspiration, and at $10 a piece, are just a good resource to have around. Granted you are paying for screenshots and a list of links... http://www.amazon.com/Web-Design-Flash-Sit...d_bxgy_b_text_b http://www.amazon.com/Web-Design-Best-Port...=pd_sim_b_img_2 http://www.amazon.com/WEB-Design-E-Commerc...=pd_sim_b_img_1 http://www.amazon.com/WEB-Design-E-Commerc...=pd_sim_b_img_1 http://www.amazon.com/Web-Design-Music-Sit...=pd_sim_b_img_3
  12. It's just a ramp on a black solid with Blend with original set to 85%. It looks exactly the same in 8, 16 and 32bit. I thought it was a color profile thing, but I have been through all of them and I see changes, but just in where the banding occurs. Nothing gets rid of it. Until I render, and then it looks perfect.
  13. When I save frame as Photoshop layers and open in PS, it doesn't display banding and has a totally different intensity of light to dark. When I set PS to Proof Colors and use either Mac RGB or Monitor RGB, it looks identical to AE with the banding and gradient intensity.
  14. Sorry for not providing this info in the initial post... 1. on 10.5.2 2. Yes, OGL options are grayed and Adaptive is checked 3. Enable OpenGL is set to off 4. Comp is at Full Res 32bit
  15. We have the NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT 512. We run without using OpenGL, because it never works and always throws up errors, so we always uses adaptive res. I'm not sure where any other OpenGL settings are located.
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