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  1. pretty much what I thought.. It's just hard because usually it's the owners of the shop keeping their clients away from the people doing the work (for good reason, I imagine). I rarely meet with clients in my experience so far. I've been thinking about getting together with a like minded producer since they are the one with all of the relationships, and they can do all the producing while I do my thing. It seems most successful design shops are started this way anyway, with a producer as one of the principals. I just haven't found the perfect person(s) to start up with. Anyway, I need another year or two of freelence before i'm ready to really make a go of it. I'm just trying to get my ducks in their rows and learn as much as possible before then. you know, prepare to be lucky, or whatever it is they say..
  2. I've been doing pretty good freelancing, so it seems the next logical step would be to try pulling in projects and producing them with some friends. We've already produced some work ourselves, but this was mainly work falling into our laps. I'd like to go out and surgically strike specific networks and agencies. I'm wondering if there's anyone out there who's gone this route and what their experiences are. Specifically, I'm interested in how to get our foot in the door in the first place. is most of this work the product of cold calling?, or networking?
  3. freelance! normally you don't commit for more than a month at a time and if you have to leave for a directing gig, I can't imagine someone getting mad. I've left mograph jobs for other mograph jobs and nobody batted an eyelash. and I can't imagine anyone minding that yo have representation other than your rep. make sure you don't step on their toes if they have you exclusively. be up-font with everybody and I can't see it being a problem but, than again. it's hard to get mograph jobs if you don't have a mograph reel either...
  4. apparently if you make around 100 grand per year it's worth setting up the s-corp. otherwise it's not worth he expense of having the s-corp. also, you should set it up at the beginning of the year as it's not retroactive to the beginning of the year, but covers income made after incorporating. either way, you need to get a good tax consultant.
  5. estimate how long it would take to finish it, not how long the spot is. then take your estimate and triple it. at the end of everything it will even out - trust me, it always takes 3x as long as you think it will. don't forget, the small clients with no money are always the biggest pain in the asses. In the end, it will depend on how much the client has for the budget and you will have to work within that. You should check out a book called The Graphic Artists Guild Handbook It's mostly for static arts, but it includes average prices for all kinds of jobs and it's a good bargaining tool. good luck
  6. It's just because that's where most of the people are that do that kind of stuff. There are plenty of people who do great work in other places, but having a bunch of talent in one are tends to intensify. Don't try to think to hard about it. There's a town on the west coast of japan where 99% of the gold leaf is produced. I can't imagine that there is a particular reason for this other than infrastructure and tradition.
  7. For rent is an 11 x 16 foot room on the 2nd floor of a storefront. Included is a shared bathroom, kitchen and basement workshop/storage. Note that there is no living room here. Your roomates will be a mograph artist and a high school physics teacher who is never here anyway. I have a DSL line which I share with everybody because I'm a nice guy. Altadena is about 14 miles northeast of downtown LA. The area is pretty safe and I walk my dog at all hours of the night and never have any problems. rent is 500 + utilities(usually about ~100) I am working late these days, so if you'd like to visit, you'll have to come by after 9pm or on the weekend. PM or call me @ 626.675.3601 for a tour or more information. Within easy walking distance you have: hardware store post office ralph's 3 liquor stores!! a redneck bar blockbuster video neighborhood coffee shop several resturants washington mutual bank of america and some stuff I forgot.
  8. considering the organization at some studios, you could just send the invoice and get a check in the mail in a couple of weeks....skip the trip to the big house and the restraining order
  9. Personally I love freelance. Getting and booking jobs is my least favorite part, but there's also the upsides: - It's easier to get freelance jobs at a top-notch studio. - It's not just the same 5 people every day, and you're totally ignorant of office politics. - makes you work harder and constantly re-evaluate your career path. - increase your network - pay is better if you can stay booked steadily - write off expensive meals and trips to new york on your taxes. - eat at different restaurants every day
  10. Thanks so much! It's pretty much what I was beginning to figure out. But since I never sheepishly asked someone "what's a 2nd hold?" or "what happens if client X calls when I'm on hold for client Y", it's good to see it all spelled out here. It goes without saying that "put everyone on 2nd hold" is brilliant. Thats' what I was trying get at with #4, communication to the client that you're not just sitting around like a little girl waiting for the phone to ring. sending clients a explanation of the terms of a hold seems like such a good idea, I can't believe I didn't think of that. there's a couple of clients I'd like to send that to if you don't mind. There's one in particular that is fond of saying stuff like " we might be needing you sometime next week..." The confirmation email is another thing I might start asking for. I usually just take their word for it, but I'd hate to miss out on the inevitable better job that always calls just as I book a pay the rent client. Maybe some of this info should find it's way into the mograph wiki? It gives our profession more power if we all know the rules...and even more power if we can write the rules Thanks again.
  11. I'm surprised there doesn't seem to be a thread on booking and holds here. Every time I get a call to be "put on hold", I always get anxious so I wanted to compare notes. 1. Do people ever get written confirmations of a booking - especially long ones? I've been screwed on 6 month long projects that only lasted 4 months... I'd just like to know what other people do in this circumstance in case I want to push back sometime. 2. If you're on hold, when do you call to see if they will be booking? I usually call the morning before if they haven't called me first. 3. Does anyone have any tricks for dealing with the all too common scenario when your dream client wants to book you when you are already booked with a 2nd string client. I imagine not, but I HATE it when that happens.. 4. Does anyone notify a 1st hold when they get a 2nd hold? anything I've missed?
  12. of course there's plenty of room for argument but I really don't think a lawsuit would go anywhere. ...after all there's likely not much money being generated here and not much demonstrable damages. also, the copyright owners are usually end clients and you don't think that mcdonalds is going to sue anyone for distributing their commercials on a small scale. On the other hand, I personally wouldn't enjoy lawyers sending me letters. You might at least put a disclaimer that you will remove work on request of the copyright owner and or the creator. After all, you do actually like these guys I hope. But the more important issue is that if you've been downloading mograph reels for the last 7 years, and you have to charge people for DVDs, it might be good for you to take a hiatus. Really, if you have time for this, you're not spending enought time one your own work. If I were you, I'd take a month off work, unplug the internet, and get to work sending out DVDs with your own work on them. (You might not charge $30 for them though) Good Luck
  13. Activity Monitor ...and little snitch is good, but unplugging the ethernet cable is better until you find out it's really me messing with you. haa
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