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  1. Lo1

    OFFF 2007

    OFFF SOLD OUT!!! this is what they say on their weppage
  2. Lo1

    OFFF 2007

    I will be there,... currently living in bcn.
  3. the structure manageer and then align things to them and therE's some XPresso/ COFFE based stuff out there, but I'm not aware of a more elegant, direct solution. Mylenium i am aware of this situation...and was hoping at least some solution in this direction...i have searched the net but did not find anything...so do you have a link to this xpresso/coffee stuff... would be great to try it out at least...
  4. Is there any trick to exmport an after-effectscamera back to cinema 4d..? For example you start in cinema 4d generating some elements...import it in aftereffects as layers with camera work on it , the project grows you make some ajustments to the camera and then want to add some new cinema 4d elements with updated camera?? hope that makes sense!
  5. http://www.freecom.com/ecproduct_detail.as...1&CatID=400 best drive u can get with silicon shockabsorber
  6. yes spence, i agree with you, there would have been great opportunieties if i could have integrated video footage,... but the situation was different, i was given 14 photos with the aim to generate a own cubiunivers,.. no storyboard no predefined storyline, so this was also great freedom which was given to me... been said that i did it beside my regular work, and it has been one of my first experiences with a 3d progamm hey govinda, i am sorry that i have to dissappoint you , it is pure coincidence,... but listen to the music again as i also have been involved in the music-production "keep it lo baby,..keep it slow baby...!"
  7. Hey guys, i had the opportunity to do some animations for the forthcomng Diesel Denim campaign ... they will be used in all flagshipstores worldwide as video-installations and also on diesel.com challange has been to create an own universe out of 14 photos... enjoy! http://lo-iacono.com/video_player.php?id=diesel (link added...) so as always feedback welcome...
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