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    Exactly my thoughts! I wanna give it a try I think Im gonna buy another hd to test and hopefully things go well.. Either that or windows 7, wish me luck
  2. Ive got my quad core tower running vista 64 right now and it works fairly well but I just really prefer OS X to vista. Has anyone experimented with trying to run the cs4 suite and maybe C4D on a hacked box running 10.5? Ive been reading up on it quite a bit at osx86 and it seems doable.. Any thoughts?
  3. I've been having some problems switching multi processing on and off with my vista 64 quad core setup with 8gb ram.. I would like to have multi processing turned off when I am just doing ram previews but after a certain amount of the comp is rendered my pc will blue screen and crash.. This doesnt happen with MP turned on but it takes forever to get started when its starting all the other instances in the background or whatever. Any tips on what i should have my memory settings on to stop these crashes from happening?
  4. How different would you say the processor in the Imac and the macbook pro is? If its comparable speeds between the two i can definitley make it work.
  5. Ya thats what ive been hearing, Im hoping they really bump the specs up cause its supposed to be a major overhaul. And Im plannin on settin up an external monitor too. Glad to hear that it can be done, even if renders can be painful. Im workin on my old pc tower and I'm itching for an upgrade, along with cs4 hopefully.
  6. Im hoping it will be fast enough for me, I gonna be working with mostly standard def. footage. I worked on the 3.06ghz imac with 4gb of ram all summer long and that was more than fast enough for me. The specs between that and MBP's dont seem too much different now and im sure the new MBP's will have updated specs all around. I feel like im trying to talk myself into it still, even though it might not be my best option.
  7. So ive done some searching on these boards and havent found much about using macbook pros with after effects/c4d. Theres supposed to be a major update within the next couple weeks and Im thinking about pickin up a new macbook pro. How does yours run with after effects? Does anyone use it as their daily workhorse or just for travelling?
  8. cool, now i can justify updating
  9. Hey guys, i need to do some fly throughs of a CAD modelled building in c4d. someone else is creating the model and i am going to just do some camera movements in c4d. Ive read that you can convert dwg files to dxf and then open them. is there anything i should be aware of when doing this? will it work?
  10. Andrew


    bucks logo reel?
  11. Andrew


    theyve just released 3.2 with divx support!
  12. Andrew

    I need some muzak

    band of horses - everything all the time
  13. sadly no.....spy vs. spy it sucked
  14. Andrew

    best ad EVAR

    Its just like a mini mall
  15. That makes me want to buy a 360, do they have a release date set for assassins creed?
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