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  1. Thanks! Very helpful!
  2. Has anyones switched from mac to pc recently? Basically want to use gpu rendering for c4d & height maps in substance so need nvidia gpu. my mac has been very reliable and is really silent even when using zbrush. concerned pc will be less reliable and noisey fan in comparison. Appreciate any comments. Thanks! J
  3. shmo

    Cinema4D R17

    can anyone here compare the number of objects the viewport can handle compared to maya? is c4d still slower with lots of objs? does it have anything like the viewport 2 thing maya has (good looking previews of scene without rendering)? im guessing you still cant bake to texture with vray for c4d. and how is retopology compared to maya?
  4. sorry two more questions if possible: is it noisy? how much hassle is it to set up / maintain? thanks!
  5. does it work for mac? last question, thanks for your time!
  6. great thanks! v helpfull. would a qnap for smb with 10gbe be slower than flash drive to work off?
  7. ok great thanks for the helpfull info. the Qnap servers, do you work off them? of just use for storage? thanks!
  8. what to do? cloud storage? external harddrives? servers? thanks!
  9. ok great thanks for the helpful info!
  10. how do you guys get so good at it? is there any good resources to learn color correction / grading? thanks
  11. how does it compare to vray for c4d? how is the quality? how is the speed? thanks!
  12. Hello Cinema 4D experts. I hope this is a dumb question and i'm missing something obvious. Is there a keyboard shortcut (e.g. holding shift) to change the sensitivity by which the gizmo rotates or the slider slides? Its very hard to get accuracy with character animation esp. for rotation. This has bugged me for a long time. Its a basic feature in most other programs like aftereffects, softimage etc.. Its a hassle having to type 0.005.. hmm.. no... 0.006.. etc, trial and error or whatever manually.
  13. Vray is stressful to work with due to some idiosyncrasies. AR is getting there with Linear workflow. Fry render looks good but those images look photo-shopped. Maxwell looks amazing for photo realisim. I have seen some great renders coming out of mental Ray recently. It seems to have a nice balance between photo real and flexibility for artistic touches that are difficult with Vray. Anyone here using Render Man?
  14. 1. listen to the recent graduates. 2. Keep it simple. 4. Be nice and make rad work.
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