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  1. if you're on a mac, you can just drag your image onto the icon on the dock
  2. hope you guys had a good time! there's been a TON of press about our visit from rod & co. if those who didn't attend are curious, you can easily find footage by searching google / youtube
  3. it would make more sense to me if you could alter the velocity but it would just constrain the camera to the path, and move it in time. i'm an old 3D max guy, and though its been a few years since i've used it, i think you could do what im looking for in that program...?
  4. hey guys, thanks for all the responses - unless i'm totally blind to something i'm doing, when i use the method you're describing, it still alters my positional date. i'm working on a big camera fly thru and can't get my timings smooth without jacking up my smooth positional moves. i can't believe i can't figure this out...
  5. damn.. after trying that out, it doesn't seem to help any.. when i switch between keframe mode and velocity mode, they look almost identical. the only difference between the 2 is keyframe mode has icons at the keyframes, whereas velocity mode doesn't. they look nearly the same.. problem is, i would expect velocity mode to have tangents at the keyframes, otherwise there's no real point in having a velocity mode to begin with. am i missing something here?
  6. ohhhhh now it makes sense. i'm glad to have had the weekend away from the project...c4d was driving me insane because of this..i'm going to try your suggestions now, but they sound like the answer to my question. thanks for clearing this up for me!
  7. Hey djkorova, thanks for the response. The problem I'm having isn't with the position curves themselves, it's with the velocity curves. Maybe I'm confused on how C4D works, but I would think you could separate the velocity curves without effecting the motion path. Here's a screen shot: Ultimately, I'd like to smooth out my velocity curves so my camera isn't herky-jerky. Again, I realize this is probably a dumb question, but I simply can't figure this out. Thanks again -
  8. Hey guys, been a while since I've posted on here...Hope this isn't a total wtfyounoob post.. In C4D (R10), they combined the Timeline & F-Curves into one window. I'm having trouble getting handles on my velocity curves.. It's driving me completely up the wall, and I can't figure it out. I can switch between "Key Mode" and the other mode (velocity mode??), but very little seems to be different. In some tutorials I've seen the F-Curve mode doesn't have the position curves, just the velocity curves. This is exactly what I'm looking for. Hope this all makes sense...I'm sure there's something totally basic that I'm missing, but I've exhausted my options. Thanks for the help -
  9. cnd is roughly 25 feet from my place of business. still there and doing well. they've brought back the homemade chicken pot pies, but you can only get them on wednesdays. dee-lish
  10. LOL @ CND chicken fingers dinner for life! edit: posts:1? hm...guess i haven't posted since the board went down way back when. wtf
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