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  1. postmodern


    i love that zune spot and nike women! nice fn work yo
  2. dope work man! how is it cinnci?
  3. right on for chimin in fellas. im trying to get better so it sucks there's not much feedback.
  4. whats up my fello mographers.... so its been a year since i've been freelancing and heres some of the work. Im on the fence about some of things and would like to get feedback from ya'll.. so if you got the time I'd appreciate it http://www.adamespinoza.com/ thanks espi oh yeah.. im jus barely learning this css shit
  5. fn nice crabbey! keep killin it homie
  6. nice work man. i've always loved that human element spot. the flor piece is nice too
  7. so dope. love the camera motions and transitions... siiicck
  8. dope shit.. working fine on my safari
  9. nice first motion project! keep it up
  10. nice work. I really like how you treated your name in the intro
  11. shaun is now in la kickin ass w shilo
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