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  1. I know this question will most likely be a no brainer but for some reason I cannot figure it out. I designed a logo with ornamental flourishes coming out of it and separated them each by layer in Illustrator. I than animated them all by vector paint and write on, I precomped the layers and turned on continuous raster for everything but when I move the layers around the vector paint and the write on effect moves and no longer animates in properly. So I tried turning off continuous raster and than the write on effect stays but the vector flourishes look blurry and not crisp at all. So I guess my question is how to I properly animate a write on or vector paint growing effect onto a vector layer from illustrator in such a way that will allow me to still move and scale the layers with keeping my write on effect and not having them be blurry? I cannot figure this out and I apologize if this all sounds convoluted. I appreciate anyone's help, thanks.
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