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  1. thanks man, thats sounds pretty straight foward, whats the best way to create niose, photoshop or AE? is there a specific type of niose that will work better? thanks again
  2. i want to create a little element of black to white circular gradient whether it be via a light or mask and feather. ive tried both, also with a bit of after effects noise as suggested by a bud, but i still get steps down my gradient which look awful im dealing with 8 bit. any ideas guys? thanks
  3. Thanks everyone or your thoughts, i think whilst there is to some level an overall standard regarding right and wrong in our industry, it comes down to us the individual /business onwers to make these judgments. Feeling whats right and acting feasibly. Anyway, im inspired again, and you've helped me to view my work in a different light. just witnessing all your conversations says a lot about all your itches to be part of something good and to lead purposeful well rounded creative lives. ....Which is good enough for me thanks for taking time Hawker
  4. have you ever hit a wall with your work and thought "my hard long hours and smarts are used to merely dress up lies and add icing to a cake made of consumerism" As the never ending fads cycle over and over and you see your once beautiful commercial/film/print work become rehashed and forgotten. Is there those of you that had to see it in a different light to become re-inspired? please share 1 thing you love about your job, why do you keep doing it? appreciate it. greg
  5. thanks you soooo much these are beautiful. dont call you a demi god for nothing ta greg
  6. hey guys and girls. Just on the prowl for some nice countdowns, simple, classic, fresh love any links to help me out with inspiration for my studios next look thanks a bunch, appreciate it greg
  7. hey thanks everybody thats really great, i dont how to say this......but......... i love you guys. H
  8. is it out there? somthing even remotely close to this here fantastic site. somthing for print and static works of inspiration. thanks heaps in advance
  9. http://vhm-design.com/# young guy , with some fantastic use of texture and composition. Great visual depth and dynamics.
  10. school of design, fine arts and music, wellington. part of massey university. why?
  11. im not really sure about the compression, its as small as i can get it, i think. h164 lan. but hey il check over it thanks cheers for the thought man. But have someone look over your literacy skills. The expression works. And i dont recall seeing a 'you' in that sentence
  12. hey hey, just popn my graduate site up for some opinions really, just taking some time off from design, in korea teaching at the mo. let me know what you think of the work, if anything. Im a kiwi and i came from one of new zelands leading design schools. but you be the judge the site is slaped up, i idnt have any prior knowledge of html http://www.g-wizz.youngandcreative.org
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