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  1. hi guys, could you help me out, I'm searching for some good samples of TV ads using purely typography or 3d typography. Any clues or direct links are greatly appreciated. thank you. M.
  2. Right on the money no need to look further Thanks guys for all the tips, if you know any other spots along the lines of Dodge or Mitsubishi that are using typography throughout the whole spot (alla local car commercials) pls post. Michal
  3. Tried to look at their website before but it seems like the really old stuff is not there anymore :/ any other idea where this could be found? tried already youtube but nada.hmm
  4. Hi guys, I'm doing some research and I'm looking for car commercials/autoshow animations which have live action car with poppy/high energy graphics along these lines http://vimeo.com/842303 (the video in the back) u know, the typical Dodge or Mitsubishi car commercials. Can't seem to find any company doing these Any suggestions ? Thanks
  5. I think it's just a simple matter of recording a sequence of jumps always meter or so futher away. Any better camera that shoots several frames per second can give satisfying results otherwise it could be little tricky to always catch the right position of body at the very moment. anyway that's probably how I would approach it..stop motion if very tedious process I don't think there's any easy way around it. Michal
  6. Just curious heard nice rumors about these guys but no luck googling them..anybody knows them or got some contact info? M.
  7. Hi guys, just wondering if there are any plugins for AE that work with AE Camera and simulate different Bokeh just like ie. DOF PRO v3.0 does?? Thanks. M.
  8. Anybody knows if there are any typography ebook as well or maybe just good typography websites for that matter? M.
  9. hehe g'd one to say when you get ridiculous changes from clients..try it next time...
  10. Vsetko najlepsie do noveho roku 2007 vsetkym Mograph-akom Stastny Novy Rok (Happy New Year) for a reference it's Slovak.. M.
  11. it looks to me as if it was just a simple donut rotation made out of stripes and as one of the donut edges passes in front of camera, the camera gets inside the donut for a while and results in an optical change of a shape.. haven't tried it yet, but let me know if it worked..lol.. edit: after deeper observation I must conclude u've discovered the 8th wonder of the world.. M.
  12. I especially enjoyed the annoying high pitch audio buzz half way into the spot.....iiiiiiiiiiirresistable..
  13. regardless of what format you have it in, it will be downconverted to MPEG when you make DVD. DVD can hold aprx. 4 hours of video at best quality compression. If you use dual layer you can put in twice as much data or hold aprx 8 hours of video. then there's HD DVDs but thats not relevant for most of the markets. the worse mpeg quality compression the more video you can fit in. that's a basic rule. hope that helps.
  14. AVI's sometimes do crap like that..try to render out TIFF sequence..just another option. M.
  15. Dunno if it was mentioned but this site is a killer in diversity of high quality animations of all sorts. traditional, 3d, commercials you name it..great inspirational stuff in there. NO FAT CLIPS!! http://dekku.blogspot.com/ great resource site. must see. M.
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