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  1. Don't under-estimate the downfalls of going freelance (I've been a freelance Editor/Produceer/Engineer in London for 8 years) 1. No holiday pay (If you want to go away it costs you double basically cos of the lost earnings) 2. You can never take time off sick, unless you are seriously at deaths door. 3. You have to handle your own taxes, and although you pay about half (against staff) it is a royal pain in the arse, and you have to be disciplined. 4. It can be extreemly difficult to turn work down as "Make hay while the sun shines" becomes a kind of mental illness. It means that if you are good/responsible/lucky you will work literally ALL the time. If you are doing interesting things on a staff gig for a good industry name who are paying you fairly then it's probably important to take stock and appreciate what you have. Having said that there is no reason not to expect a reasonable pay rise (25% may be a little heavy IMHO) on your first years wage. Good luck, this kinda thing is always a bitch.
  2. Wow that website is terrifying... "Good news about looming disaster, it's easy, inexpensive and fun to be prepared" Please tell me this is a joke cos I really want to laugh but if it's real I'll feel all dirty and scared.
  3. I always liked Beaver's Beavers. Especially the angry ones.
  4. Seems to be a bit of a tradition Down-Under (No pun intended with this one ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbLS1RshLzI This is good too (Again from Garth Davis):
  5. Got a funny feeling this is one of our numbers yanking our chains. After the 'Mograph.net RIP' thread. I smell a Fred.
  6. I like the concept, shame about the execution though eh?
  7. Maybe they are so ultra-violet cool, they are talking about the retro 'ironic' deer heads we can look forward to seeing in a coupla years....
  8. The work of Garth Davis http://www.jackhutchings.com/QT/Boots_Summer.mov http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ddn4fSw_bNg
  9. Not as cool as some of their recent ads, but hey it's Tron...
  10. Very nice, and a rare example of the legitimate use of a lens flair...
  11. I'm the same as Bill, Lurk way more than I post, what can I say; 1 year old at home, new responsibilities at work. I think the hack took the wind out of our sails somewhat, There was something disturbing about losing your post count, hate to admit it but I liked being a 'superstar' or whatever, having to restart felt poo (sad, I know) Some of the old postmeisters have been somewhat quiet of late as well: Govinda, Sermon, Fred et al. I hope Mograph.net will weather the storm. I miss the pies. I miss off topic political ding dongs with Clint (Velocity) I miss having a life now I'm a parent.
  12. This can be prohibitively expensive $7,000 - $15,000 typically. Try to get in touch with the artist direct if you can, they can often give you clearance to use it if they like what you are doing. If you go through official channels it is always muchos dineros. Often easier to pay someone to compose something origional.
  13. Did you actually read this before posting it?
  14. Agreed, thats all I generally charge. Although if it were a 2 1/2 week job I would definately charge more, my agent would insist on it (Agents are also useful at being the 'asshole' and leaving you still smelling of roses when you have any disagreements with your client) For cancelling 2 1/2 weeks work within 24 hours I wouldn't think 1 days wage should be enough that's like 5%!, I would say at least 10% would be fair, they booked your time, you made yourself exclusively available. they cant change their mind within 24 hours of kick off and expect you to swallow it for 5% Really depends on future work prospects I suppose and what kind of relationship you have. I've had the same client for 7 years now and I wouldn't charge them in the same way as a new client...
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