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  1. Don't under-estimate the downfalls of going freelance (I've been a freelance Editor/Produceer/Engineer in London for 8 years) 1. No holiday pay (If you want to go away it costs you double basically cos of the lost earnings) 2. You can never take time off sick, unless you are seriously at deaths door. 3. You have to handle your own taxes, and although you pay about half (against staff) it is a royal pain in the arse, and you have to be disciplined. 4. It can be extreemly difficult to turn work down as "Make hay while the sun shines" becomes a kind of mental illness. It means that if you are good/responsible/lucky you will work literally ALL the time. If you are doing interesting things on a staff gig for a good industry name who are paying you fairly then it's probably important to take stock and appreciate what you have. Having said that there is no reason not to expect a reasonable pay rise (25% may be a little heavy IMHO) on your first years wage. Good luck, this kinda thing is always a bitch.
  2. Wow that website is terrifying... "Good news about looming disaster, it's easy, inexpensive and fun to be prepared" Please tell me this is a joke cos I really want to laugh but if it's real I'll feel all dirty and scared.
  3. I always liked Beaver's Beavers. Especially the angry ones.
  4. Seems to be a bit of a tradition Down-Under (No pun intended with this one ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbLS1RshLzI This is good too (Again from Garth Davis):
  5. Got a funny feeling this is one of our numbers yanking our chains. After the 'Mograph.net RIP' thread. I smell a Fred.
  6. I like the concept, shame about the execution though eh?
  7. Maybe they are so ultra-violet cool, they are talking about the retro 'ironic' deer heads we can look forward to seeing in a coupla years....
  8. The work of Garth Davis http://www.jackhutchings.com/QT/Boots_Summer.mov http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ddn4fSw_bNg
  9. Not as cool as some of their recent ads, but hey it's Tron...
  10. Very nice, and a rare example of the legitimate use of a lens flair...
  11. I'm the same as Bill, Lurk way more than I post, what can I say; 1 year old at home, new responsibilities at work. I think the hack took the wind out of our sails somewhat, There was something disturbing about losing your post count, hate to admit it but I liked being a 'superstar' or whatever, having to restart felt poo (sad, I know) Some of the old postmeisters have been somewhat quiet of late as well: Govinda, Sermon, Fred et al. I hope Mograph.net will weather the storm. I miss the pies. I miss off topic political ding dongs with Clint (Velocity) I miss having a life now I'm a parent.
  12. This can be prohibitively expensive $7,000 - $15,000 typically. Try to get in touch with the artist direct if you can, they can often give you clearance to use it if they like what you are doing. If you go through official channels it is always muchos dineros. Often easier to pay someone to compose something origional.
  13. Did you actually read this before posting it?
  14. Agreed, thats all I generally charge. Although if it were a 2 1/2 week job I would definately charge more, my agent would insist on it (Agents are also useful at being the 'asshole' and leaving you still smelling of roses when you have any disagreements with your client) For cancelling 2 1/2 weeks work within 24 hours I wouldn't think 1 days wage should be enough that's like 5%!, I would say at least 10% would be fair, they booked your time, you made yourself exclusively available. they cant change their mind within 24 hours of kick off and expect you to swallow it for 5% Really depends on future work prospects I suppose and what kind of relationship you have. I've had the same client for 7 years now and I wouldn't charge them in the same way as a new client...
  15. I am a Freelance Editor and if a job is pulled with less than 24hours notice I bill for the job anyway, but that is generally understood within my field so expected by the client. There may not be anything you can really do in this case unless you don't want any more work from this particular client. But next time I would stipulate that cancellation within say, 48 hours (because you are generally talking longer lead in times) would incur a cancellation fee (maybe 3 or 5 days at your daily 8hr rate) It's shit when this kinda thing happens, only way to think is that next time you get a job last minute it cancels out the annoyance of having this one pulled. Best o' luck
  16. Richard Clarke denounces "Path to 9/11;" Lee Hamilton comments 1. Richard Clarke Statement denouncing the ABC miniseries "Path to 9/11." 2. 9/11 Commission Vice Chair Lee Hamilton's comments at the National Press Club today. Comments by Richard Clarke, former counterterrorism czar under Presidents Clinton and Bush, and current ABC News consultant: "As someone who was directly involved in almost every event depicted in the fictionalized docudrama, 'The Path to 9-11,' I believe it is an egregious distortion that does a deep disservice both to history and to those in both the Clinton and Bush administrations who are depicted." "Sadly, ABC's Entertainment Division hired a production company and screen writer who were apparently unqualified to deal with this historically important subject matter. That error appears to have been compounded by the failure of some of the docudrama's consultants to insure that the account was accurate. Some of the most outrageous scenes were removed after a recent senior level review. What remains, however, is not the true story as told by the 9-11 Commission. "Although I am not one to easily believe in conspiracy theories and have spent a great deal of time debunking them, it is hard to escape the conclusion that the errors in this screen play are more than the result of dramatization and time compression. There is throughout the screenplay a consistent bias and distortion seeking to portray senior Clinton Administration officials as holding back the hard charging CIA, FBI, and military officers who would otherwise have prevented 9-11. "The exact opposite is true. From the President, to all of his White House team, and NSC Principals (Lake, Berger, Albright, Tenet, Reno) there was a common fixation with terrorism, al qaeda, and bin Ladin. The President approved every counter-terrorism operation presented to him, including many that CIA proved unable or unwilling to implement. He increased counter-terrorism spending by 400% and initiated the first homeland security program in forty years. Even though the US had taken relatively few casualties from al qaeda at the time, the President repeatedly authorized the use of lethal force against bin Ladin and his deputies and personally requested the US military to develop plans for 'commando operations' against them. Even though he knew the timing of an attack aimed at killing bin Ladin would be labeled by critics as a political diversion, Clinton decided to follow the advice of his national security team and pay the price politically. "All of us who worked on these issues, then and now, hold some responsibility for the failures to stop al qaeda. I bear that burden every day. "But if history is to know where to assign some of that culpability, it should not be guided by this fictionalization. It might better focus on leaders of the FBI who held back John O'Neill, leaders of the CIA's Clandestine Service whose risk aversion prevented the Counter Terrorism Center from doing its job, and senior generals who strongly urged the Commander-in-Chief not to use our military to go after the al qaeda leaders in Afghanistan. Somehow, all of that is missing from this not too subtle televised politicization of history. "As is so often the case, the best advice about how to think about these things comes not from people like me or others in Washington, but from the families of the victims of 9-11. Several family members issued this statement, which I strongly commend to all:" 'Families of September 11 believes the best way to honor those who were lost is to make sure that what happened to them never happens again. As such, we must understand exactly what took place, and not allow 'entertainers' to promote misleading or incorrect information as fact to the public.' 'If we do not learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it. Any depiction of 9/11 that is not accurate and factual propagates myths, myths that may cause us future harm. 'In order to make our country safer and more secure, we owe it to those who were lost to acknowledge that which took place, so that we can ensure it never happens again.' Comments made by 9/11 Commission Vice Chair Lee H. Hamilton, September 11, 2006, National Press Club: "I was not asked to participate in the ABC production ... I didn't even know about it ... After there was a screening ... which I did not attend, I got calls from several Democrats who objected very strongly to the way in which Sandy Berger and Madeleine Albright and even President Clinton were portrayed." "As it was described to me then, I thought that the letter signed by Bruce Lindsey and Doug Band was accurate in their criticisms of ABC, that they portrayed Sandy Berger and Madeleine Albright doing things that they did not in fact do. "Now ABC presents this, as I understand it - I didn't see it last night either - as a docu-drama. I don't like the ring of that. It is either a documentary or it is a drama and to fudge it causes me a great deal of concern, and suggests to me that news and entertainment are getting dangerously intertwined, and I do not think that is good for the country, because an event of this consequence is very hard to understand. To distort it, or not to present it factually in this kind of presentation does not serve the country well."
  17. Steve Jobs went over some new additions to the Classic I-Pod, I-Pod Nano, and I-Pod-Shuffle (which is now a fraction of the size of the first generation I-Pod-Shuffle)... And then: I-Tunes (now the 5th largest retailer of music in the US, according to Jobs): Announced movies will be avail on I-Tunes beginning this afternoon. Walt Disney, Pixar, Miramax, Touchstone. 75 films avail online beginning today... Growing. Avail same day as released on DVD. New releases priced at $12.99. Movies will decrease in price afterwards. Cars and Pirates of Carribean avail today. Resolution of TV shows getting better so they don't look so compressed. All video will be 4 times better resolution. NFL Network will be avail on I-Tunes now along with all other major networks (not just ABC any longer). Also some new graphic additions to I-Tunes. Still announcing new products. After reviewing how many people have bought I-Pods and how much he loves the product, Steve Jobs immediately went into new products -- First announcement (Not the biggie): Classic (New) I-Pod: More affortable -- Lower price to $240 Screen will be 60% brighter. Increase battery power by 75% New headphones - been working on them for 18 months - more comfortable Gapless playback -- gets rid of gaps between songs Instant search -- spell the song, artist you're looking for Highly visual games including mini-golf and pac-man
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