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  1. i stumbled on to these searching for tuts and thought they would be of use to someone http://www.textureking.com/index.php/category/concrete/ there's also a few more textures there too
  2. brianodom

    test tv com

    pretty nice man
  3. stumbled across this tonight http://www.bakdergisi.com/index.php?sayfa=...p;dergisayiid=8
  4. oh great I was trying to figure out how to do it .. it's in mograph thanks man i really appreciate it
  5. if you're starting out like me it's a good start, if not i co-sign with biggie on that one..nice concept though
  6. i run a smooth jazz station if you need some soothing sounds check us out www.baysmoothjazz.com
  7. picked up the new advanced photoshop and they have an extensive write-up on the guy
  8. http://www.fodey.com/generators/newspaper/snippet.asp someone may find this useful
  9. change that text and also place come of the info about the event in the opening sequences..i didn't know what was going on until the end.. other than that its nice
  10. brianodom

    My first Reel

    luv the donkey kong..lol
  11. you must didn't see what i typed earlier?
  12. 1. CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is ok 2. I have those books and also the 3rd book they came out with too, also THE ADOBE AFTER FX..STUDIO TECHNIQUES 3. I AM VIDEO EDITOR ALREADY..I AM IN A SMALL MARKET AND WE JUST STARTED USING AFTER EFFECTS.. I am seasoned with Premiere Skills and I am making steps towards taking after fx courses in school.. 4. I would not have asked the question if i did not know..to be a bit more in depth , most times the effect is done in music videos and where the may have artist singing then they stop they'll have a stroke come over them then the video resumes..i saw it on tv a about an hour ago...since i had some downtime i was trying to do the effect... i was trying to look around to see if i could find a few reels if i come across one with it, i'll link it
  13. damn man...i mean hell, i would not have asked if i couldn't find it or tried to attempt it myself ...man some of you have major attitude problems..i thought the old saying was no question is a stupid one? some of you have forgotten how it was when you started out doing this..
  14. how is that cool effect done where theres moving video, it freezes and looks sorta 2d then it restarts? i've ssen that effect quite a bit
  15. biggest question is what are the size of the comps everyone is using? i.e 720X486
  16. use a white background not a green one. the luminance diffrence between white and black (as opposed to green) gives you much more room to work with when pulling mattes. lighting is going to be important as well. make sure your backdrop (white foamcore) is well lit with an even, bright, white light. Try to use a seperate key light on the ink/tank, this way you can play with light position on your ink and wont muck up the lighting for the background. I think India ink is the way to go, its worked for me but im sure inks with diffrent density/viscosity might be interesting.. food coloring.. oil.. etc.. be ready to get messy have lots of fresh water ready to re-fill the tank with, also have a way to empty out the inky water after each shoot. (dont pour it in your toilet unless you have a really dirty toilet already and dont care about having a nasty blackish ring in there) you might want to try some timelapse shots dripping ink on paper towels / watercolor paper as well, you will get some nice diffusion effects. (i used that in the open of my reel, where the black little octopus leaves some inky blotches) Found it on here a while back credit to vivode
  17. ^^ thanks man I can incorporate those buildings into after effects
  18. thats exactly how it is in my after effects/ illustrator classes....
  19. 1. Adobe Illustrator CS2 Revealed (Pure Trash) 2. Adobe Photoshop CS2 Revealed (directions were missing in the steps) what about yours???
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