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  1. Yes, I use Vizrt and I look for new challenges. www.dkeinc.ca
  2. In version Vizartist 3.7.1 with cineware license you can import native c4d files
  3. Hello everyone! Please have a look at my reel and portfolio. REEL BEHANCE I want you to send me your opinions, comment's and feedback. Fell free to add me and get in touch with me or drop me a line if you have any question. Have a creative day !
  4. DKE

    visrt product demo

    Faustfire i use to do alot of sets in vizrt take a look at my reel and webpage
  5. DKE


    Mangler if you have problems and question abot vizrt let me know, maybe i can explain to you.
  6. DKE

    Broadcast design

    http://www.dataknowledgexchange.com/ Main http://www.dataknowledgexchange.com/videogallery.php REEL
  7. Well I use to work alot with virtual sets during the time and try all solutions on market (brainstorm orad wasp) the most flexible and complete one comes from VIZRT. is not true you need alot of scripting. But now depends of what you have to do and what you want from a virtual set If is a set for elections and you want to display data from a database maybe you will need some scripting, but if you want just to have a great way to display informations like financial, breaking news, simulations, weather, Vizrt comes with alot of solutions for this . In case lets say you need to display on screen weather or anything related with maps is good to consider vizrt has curious maps solution included. maybe you can contact me and give me more details dke.inc@gmail.com and i can give you advices.
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