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  1. I used this guy back in school and it served me well for several years. Did borderless etc. http://www.amazon.com/Canon-PIXMA-iP4300-Printer-1438B002/dp/B000I3INLW
  2. Am I missing something here? Seems like it should be as simple as spline wrapping a sweep nurbs and turning on "Keep Length" https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1428576/TuberSplineWrap.c4d
  3. Seems like it's a standalone application but I haven't given it a try yet. Either way it's a rad idea. Currently there is no shader/material communication between C4D and unity except for simple colors in the color channel (no procedural noise etc.)
  4. Cosmo Ray

    3D Mouse

    Dang this is rad, never actually seen one in use before.
  5. Cosmo Ray

    3D Mouse

    Yeah I guess I should have clarified that I speaking more to the people talking about shoulder pain etc. I just meant that if tendonitis keeps coming up in your life, there may be more to it than the tool you're using.
  6. Cosmo Ray

    3D Mouse

    A couple years back I had some really terrible RSI that forced me to take time off work. I went to hand specialist and they gave me a series of exercises to do every couple hours. A few wrist stretches, but a lot of it was shoulder and back exercises. I alternated between mouse and wacom, but for me, posture was the core problem. Some people do fine with using just a mouse for their entire careers with little to no physical issues. I think this is an issue less about the actual device you're using and more about your overall ergonomics. Here's a couple important ones off the top of my head Your monitor should be at eye level. Your shoulders should be squared to your workstation, and your hands shoulder width apart. Your elbows should be supported and around a 90 degree angle. Your hands should be flush with your wrists. If they're at an angle above or below, you're likely putting unnecessary strain on them, especially in your idling moments. Your feet should be flat on the ground, and your knees at approximately 90 degrees Your back should be straight, and you should have back support to fall back on that lets you retain the above requirements
  7. Yusssssss! Thanks for the heads up on this.
  8. You better believe they do! In fact, Cyriak has a whole commercial work playlist on his youtube channel.
  9. I loved the distressed/grunge textures! Getting a 404 on the download link for this one.
  10. This probably has a small audience but I'd love some tutorials on workflow between Cinema 4D and Unity. Especially rigging characters, baking animated mograph and deformers, and transferring shaders.
  11. Any update on this Todd? Pretty majorly frustrating bug to encounter at studios on Yosemite.
  12. Serious answer: I'm actually not sure. Security I guess. I don't know a ton about codecs, just that animation is lossless, and therefore safe.
  13. I haven't had the time to glue myself to engadget today. Does anyone know if they fixed some of the bullshit that came with Mavericks? Having to convert animation codec files to view, constant reminders about battery life and upgrades, etc.
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