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  1. Very very funny guys. This topic makes my day hmmm pipwish. not sure what im seeing in that one.
  2. Thats fun! check mine out. I will be doing more of these.
  3. BTW, Sorry can you move this from tutorials to questions? I see all of these wonderful reels on here and I am trying to make simple 2.5D environments and camera movements. I know how to use Z-space and cut images in photoshop but maybe there are some tips ive been missing. I am very familiar with AE but it just seems i can never get the right perspectives and my camera is all over the place and transitioning to places and positions is just ugly. I know it just takes practice but maybe someone can offer some AEP setups so i can take a peek. Thanks alot. Any tips?
  4. As a music artist no usually we dont mind but a little credit couldnt hurt either
  5. Gears of War! cmon guys or The new Rainbox Six Vegas? Get it lets play Gamertag: bloodeverywhere
  6. GenArts Sapphire S_WarpChroma I think is what your asking.
  7. I loved that they used Nine Inch Nails song.
  8. nice stuff i downloaded some clips and they look great keep it up.
  9. nynex

    Vector Question

    http://www.adobe.com/products/illustrator/...lustrator%3F%22 is the pdf file i found that tells you how to edit that script for Adobe Bridge and setting max frames etc.
  10. Basically you got it . Maybe add a bit of stereo delay/reverb then try doing the lowpass. But what really is going to make it sound right is the ambience outside of the club. Cars, people etc.
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