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  1. Have to challenge Binky on this point – you can't disqualify a job on the basis they've asked for a resume. Large companies and corporations often have fair hiring policies that mean they can't hire you over a coffee and a hand shake and are obliged to screen resumes. That doesn't mean that HR are responsible for the final hiring decision without any regards to the quality of your portfolio, or that they don't have a fantastic in-house creative team producing great work. So that really comes down to your research about the company whose job you're applying for. If it looks like a soulless corporate job devoid of creativity, then why are you applying for it in the first place? But if you're applying for a job at Time Warner, or Ubisoft, or wherever, then you'll probably have to play by the rules and provide a resume.
  2. Under your freelance section list the studios/agencies your worked for and describe the kinds of projects you worked on (ads/promos/explainers etc.) and your role. You might want to list what sort of clients you worked for, especially if they're high profile. Only list projects by name if they are relevant to the job you're applying for. Otherwise assume the person reading your resume won't know what you're talking about. If you typically freelanced for long periods (3 months +) you might want to break it down in more detail, but I don't want to read a two page resume that lists every four week engagement over that period. This comes from experience, it physically pains me to read my old resumes.. My current resume as well, truth be told.
  3. Bumping this as the bug is still occurring in CC14.2 - anyone know any work arounds?
  4. I've taken a risk and installed it on my primary work machine – I'll post if I come across anything game stopping.
  5. Is caching that big of a bitch? I remember all the issues with plugins like Particular, but I can't imagine going back life before caching. This needs to happen, I've never understood why 'Save as Version..' has only gone back one release.
  6. The greater pity is that because of all the great updates that we've seen in the point releases (something that we've been told was only possible due to not needing to hold features for big yearly releases) I see little reason to update to CC14 due to the workflow breaking issues. If they'd saved up all the features I'd probably think it was a great release. I do understand that there was a potential storm brewing with comparability issues between point releases, but surely it'd be better to spend time future proofing the save file/plugin format?
  7. Ugh, I've been a Creative Cloud defender from the start, so am pretty frustrated that they've already gone back to yearly, compatibility-breaking updates. Will hold off on this update for a while now.
  8. Massively agree with this, it takes a special kind of arrogance to believe that you know the client's business better than the client themselves, or that there is such a thing as the 'single, most effective concept'. How many concepts I'll prepare will vary from brief to brief. Usually if I've prepared multiple concepts its because there is some openness to the client's brief that needs to be narrowed down, and sometimes preparing multiple examples is a good way of getting a client to articulate what it is they actually want. If a client straight up asks for multiple routes it's usually because they're unsure what they want, it's your job as a designer to walk them through that process.
  9. I'm still rolling my own, but when I see my studio mates put together a slick portfolio in a matter of hours on Squarespace I can't help but be jealous.
  10. Most competitors have a narrower focus, they might be better than After Effects for compositing (Nuke) or character animation (ToonBoom), but there's nothing I can think of that can cover multiple use cases like AE. Don't know what my ideal competitor would look like, Apple Motion could have been something if they'd bothered developing it. Remember the rumours that Shake & Motion were getting rolled into each other? Alas. On topic - thanks Todd, I really appreciate how your team has been tackling the small but helpful features since CC. My number one wish would be for syncing of colour palettes and character/paragraph styles between CC programmes. Guess I should write it up.
  11. Also suffering from the sluggish Finder here. Regretting the upgrade so far, but hopefully they'll fix it with a point release in the not too distant future.
  12. Has anyone figured out a fix to get Animation codec QTs to work in Quick Look?
  13. Good to know, now all I need is a day with a spare hour, how hard could that be to find?
  14. Is it safe to install on workstations yet? Any known performance hits?
  15. It's easier than that, you just have to make sure you set a keyframe on your camera before dragging to the timeline and baking. It doesn't matter where as it will be overwritten. Only worked it out a couple of weeks ago myself.
  16. Very much looking forward to this feature.
  17. Todd, is there any reason that AE defaults to Premultiplied for most (all?) Render settings? I'd kinda like an option in preferences to set the default (I know, there's a feature request page).
  18. Thanks Joe, they're valid comments. The reel is definitely client orientated, and the fact that I've kept in some of the less engaging 3D work is based on a little insecurity on my part about whether I'll find enough work in the more niche illustration style, even though that's what I enjoy and that's where I've found more of a voice. It's all a big adventure, fingers crossed my next reel will be a little more confident and focussed.
  19. After nine years working in house with broadcasters and post-production companies I've decided to head out alone, would love to hear what the folks of mograph think. https://vimeo.com/61341631 New website is here - Drover.tv.
  20. Have been struggling with this one myself. If you stick with bi-annual upgrades of Production Premium then it works out a lot cheaper over time than Creative Cloud, but what guarantees are there that Adobe won't significantly raise the cost of upgrades to help push users onto subscription? My decision making process has really been complicated by that uncertainty and Adobe's general consumer hostility when it comes to licencing.
  21. Does anyone feel safe designing to 90% where delivery specs allow it (eg. Sky)? Our spec allows it but I'm anxious about getting phonecalls from editors who've dragged it into FCP and think it's out of safe because the default guides are set at 80%.
  22. You know I was thinking the other day that this trend for motion designers rediscovering the power of animation over mograph dynamics was a wonderful thing. Wouldn't you rather this than another thirty seconds of twitchy black primitives being abused by bend deformers and SubPoly displacement?
  23. Add a camera to your scene Double the size of your Comp & Solid Double the camera Zoom (Camera Options > Zoom) Profit An aside, but say you've animated the Camera Zoom and need to upscale your comp you can use the expression "value*2" I've done this a lot when upconverting SD comps to HD, most of the time you can get away with changing the size of your comp and adding "value*1.875" (where 1920/1024 = 1.875, so 1280/864 = 1.481 etc) to your Camera Zoom.
  24. Keep in mind that I'm a completely self-taught hack, but my understanding is that the advantages of Flash are less to do with tweening and more to do with cutting out the scan/clean-up stage and leaving you with an incredibly versatile vector animation to comp with. I wish I knew how to use it properly, I ended up doing this piece in AE with vector masks - https://vimeo.com/24917396
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