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  1. me - 28. got into mograph after a college fling with bronze casting. now i work at a small post facility as a designer (mostly AE). But, i just got c4d in dec. and am hoping to bring it all full circle. (i'll make those loans worthwhile yet!)
  2. i entered the big bad "real world" at 28 a year, worked hard, and learned as much as i could. I really only got a serious raise when my company hired a new creative director from the even bigger badder "real world" and he came in and noticed me. (then i moved on with a lot of great references.) So, my advice is to work hard, learn a lot and then go somewhere else and do the same thing. For the time being, I'd enjoy the extended free education... especially if you're in a smaller town. the cost of living is less, the expectations tend to be lower, and you can really push yourself without having to pick up a bartending gig on the side.
  3. maybe reflections really are "the new drop shadow"? http://www.logoorange.com/logo-design.php
  4. thebaroness


    i really like your work! it feels very poetic, yet still fresh. (like one would want their soup to be...) plus, i think it's always nice to see strong design representing us lady mographers.
  5. you can pencil me in! i might not be able to stay long, but i'll at least come and eat a pizza or two...
  6. thanks. i'd like to believe that all minneapolis mographers are hot. and, yes, i think it could be cool to have some kind of group outing occasionally...if they're really fun, maybe we can start charging tuition.
  7. this seems as good a place as any for a first post... i agree with mr. wonder. the degree doesn't mean much if your work can't back it up. However, in all honesty I've thought about grad school as well. (mainly because the college faculty=more vacation equation has sounded very appealing at times.) in the end, i decided while it could be a chance to justify concentrated time spent on skills and mentorship and all that...I could just quit my day job and do that for free. or as it's turned out, I've kept working and try to learn stuff as I go. regardless, if you've got a sugar daddy, (i'm volunteering BOY:1:DER), I would shell out the $ and go to MCAD over the U. I was looking at their programs about a year ago and there didn't seem to be much comparison. my humble, uneducated opinion.
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