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  1. Feedback already lompoc42: "Y todavia no te montaste?" means something as "and you don't own a car yet?", literally it translates as "and you havent got on yet?" or "jumped on yet?". Just kinda street way to say it here 2Dfine: thanks for the input... most valuable. spence: yup the aliasied lines are from compresing the video Sao_bento: actually I was inspired a lot in the MK12 piece. I saw it some time ago and I always wanted to try something like that... since I had complete freedom on this project... I never found out who had made that piece before your replies. I've also got some comparison to Sony's Entertaiment Television graphics Id's but that was totally unintended. George: actually you win a car by sending a sms with your cell phone The color palette was based on the final logo completely. Thanks for all your replies! They are thrully helpfull. Any more critics/comments?
  2. I had 2 days to design and build the spot, based on a voice recording and the logo. The car and other elements are pictures rotoscopied in Illustrator. Made in After Effects. Sorry for not translating the audio... If you dont speak english and make sense of the spot from of the visuals I think the comunication goal was acomplished. Your critics/suggestions helped me a lot in my previous post! I'm posting all my works here from now on so... let the bashing begin! http://www.lmvstudio.com/forumpixxs/nestor/LatinPhonik.mov
  3. NP and thanks lol @ auze1 Opps I said I used a Grow modifier. It is actually a plugin made by Digimation . My bad, sorry for the confusion
  4. xout - The arrows are simple models using a world space path deform. I just made the path and animated the position value. quez - the rollercoasters were simple booleans of 2 splines with extrude modifers. I instanced the operators so I could manipulate and change them according to each shot, then added FFD to make the turns. I used a Grow modifier to animate the build-up and finally a Laticce modifier to create the grid geometry. The Laticce was set on top so It would work on the animated geometry below to give that weird morphing-like look. About the specular pass: Agreed taht I could have tweaked everythig much more. I actually rendered each element on a single pass I was so overwhelmed by all the layers that having 4-7 passes for each one (in some shots I had like 70+ layers in composition already, if I had used pasees that would meant 200-400 layers easyly) was just way out of my computing power If I wanted to deliver on time.
  5. Already have replies ! Jan- I did some color correction on the master, but overall the colors where as saturated as shown here. With the stop-motioned kids I simply hated the final look, but thats the best I could pull off since I ran into the deadline . 2Dfine- agree on the simple cut thing. That was a client's request, wich I left after thinking "perhaps its a better solution and I'm dead wrong here". I'm taking that out for my backup render, thanks. Any more comments? Critics? Thank you all for your thoughs, you make fundamented and valid comments wich I sincerely appreciate. Just soaking on your knowledge here
  6. This is my first post here I'm a self taught animator/composer in the Dominican Republic, working on a production company where I do all the CG and effects. Basically, I'm looking for feedback on my work in order to improove, and I was reffered to this forum for that purpose since lots of talented and skilled people come here. Objective feedback, harsh critics and sugestions please 3 weeks, 3ds max, vray, Photoshop and Freehand. The soundtrack/voice over are the 2 things I didnt do on this piece. 9mb quicktime: http://www.lmvstudio.com/forumpixxs/nestor...maltamorena.mov
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