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  1. Thanks for the feedback.


    I have found that Reel music selection just tends to be a matter of prefernce. The Intention was to have fast paced animation and cuts to a slow feeling track. I felt it flowed pretty well together. yeah, it might be easier to just find a faster tempo song, but i like the mood this track inparts. anyone else feel the juxtaposition isn't working??

  2. Im looking for a new invoice template.


    Lately I have had a lot of companies being ridiculously late in there payment. I am looking for something that states some nice legal terms that could give me the option of charging interest if things get ugly.


    Im a easy going guy but when a large chunk of money in 4 mouths past due, its a bit upsetting.


    Anybody out there using a good invoice that adresses this issue?

  3. "What I don't think nor expect from you is a clear; conscious understanding; open mind to see things from another's perspective and therefore a little respect. You certainly have ours, anyway..."



    Mizu, props!


    I agree there should be more of an intro. Your reel is the bomb, so stamp your self on the cover.


    I really like that one piece about a 1/3 way in with the orange text and stuff growin up the bedroom walls.

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