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  1. I need a motion graphics freelancer to help on a fun little project. Ideally you can start this week, and the work will continue into next week and potentially beyond this. If you are available please email your reel to ben@graphikboutique.com
  2. hi. I have a major global client who is looking for some help with a newsletter, they are looking for some fun type animations to add into the email campaign. I would estimate 4-5 days work, ideally starting asap. I specifically need a UK artist, as the client will require an NDA to be signed. Please email links to your reel and day rate ben@graphikboutique.com thanks Ben
  3. Hi, Please can anyone share a paper scene or shader with a similar setup to the below link: http://strictlypaper.com/blog/?s=yum I have tried searching for the tutorial which this appeared in ( digital arts issue 09 ) does anyone have a copy or know where I can locate it? Hope someone can help thanks Ben
  4. Hi everyone. I have a client who runs a software company and they are looking for an explainer video of their services to play on the homepage of the company website. Does anyone here know of any really nice explainer videos, ideally for a software company or similar. I am looking for references which are clean, light, blue, white and graphical. Anything Microsoft have done could be relevant. I hope someone can help as I am struggling to see anything on vimeo. thanks, Ben
  5. Hi everyone, I have a client wanting a shader / lighting setup very similar to the image on the link. I have the vreel Translucent pro plugin ( C4D 11.5 ), but am struggling to get anything close to this. I would hugely appreciate if anyone could give me a quick setup scene for me to learn from. hope you can help please Ben Miners http://www.vreel-3d.de/plugins/Translucent_Doku/Staue2.jpg
  6. I am designing some boards for a client, who would like the designs formating for HD protecting for 4:3. Does anyone know what actual pixel size the design should be? thanks
  7. what are your rates? Can you give me a link to some of your work please also thanks Ben
  8. the still looks good, do you have an animation of this? thanks Ben
  9. so what program does this plugin run on, and where can I download it please? thanks Ben
  10. The 'CS_flux' tool looks amazing. Woud you be interested in running some tests for me please. If you can achieve the results we are after then I can commision you for a set of transitions. Please email me info@graphikboutique.com if you can help, as there is more vis ref to show you. thanks in advance Ben
  11. well thanks for the info, do you think you could help run some tests? thanks Ben
  12. well do you think you can help if you know how to create well? thanks Ben
  13. I am only using v9, what are boolean calculations? thanks
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