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  1. Don't want to hijack this thread - but it raises an interesting question regarding the motivation behind asking for the projects / assets. Wondering if anyone encounters this as a desire from the client to "audit" the work. Here's the reason I ask... When I was doing research for our Flow product, many a big co' articulated their frustration about understanding the use of rights managed assets in a project (music, stock photography etc etc). They then in turn get burnt because they don't have a clear understanding what was used, when and where. They also don't understand what terms may have been negotiated for the license etc. They explained to me that the only way was to ask the contractors (freelance, production house etc) to audit their work and send all elements along with the final which was contracted for. Could this be one of the motivations behind their request from your perspective (as well as all the other reasons already stated in this thread)? Would love anyone's $0.02 Steve GridIron Software Inc.
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    Nobody outside of the private beta program currently has access to Flow. We are adding new users all the time, so if you are interested please make sure you registered on our site. Anyone on the private beta will be under NDA until we start talking more publicly closer to release. If you are not on the private beta - don't fret - there is also a "public" beta for a broader set of users in the works. This will be first come first serve - so make sure that you have registered. It is small. Can't go into detail right now. Performance is top priority - you should not be able to tell the difference between a system with Flow on and one without. If it didn't work - we wouldn't make it. Adobe is a great partner of ours - but so are many vendors. It is designed to work with most any app that you can install on an OS. Steve GridIron Software Inc.
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    Blush...will try to provide a "mighty" answer.. Mylenium is right that there will be formats Flow won't fully understand. However, it is really more associated with understanding the "structure" of a project, rather than what goes in and out of it. As an example - if there is an application that is unknown, we can still capture copy / paste - import / export etc. We may not understand "where (like which layer etc)" in the project the particular asset is used - but will understand its use from a general perspective. On the other hand - Flow is a "production tool". Meaning that its been designed from the ground up specifically for folks like you. This means we have to fully support the tools most commonly used by creative folks. We obviously have a long history with Adobe, so it means we have a few more tricks up our sleeve there, than say maybe some of the other tools. But overall - Flow is more like a plugin to the OS - rather than an app. It means we can support anything from MS Office, to Creative Suite, to Final Cut Pro. I can't comment on the final list - but its VERY broad. Since it was brought up in terms of C4D - I will say that we have had a fantastic relationship with Maxon (As well as the other A companies that make 3D stuff), and will continue to do so. Steve GridIron Software Inc.
  4. AE CS3 has a feature called multiprocessing built in. It uses multiple instances of AE, identical to Nucleo standard. It speeds renders and previews in the exact same way as Nucleo standard. To that end, Nucleo standard will not support (or be needed) in AE CS3. Nucleo Pro is NOT built into AE CS3, nor are any of its features. (Spec Render, Spec Preview, Background Render, Commit to Disk). In fact we added a few more gizmos into our just announced Nucleo Pro 2.0 that will work with AE CS3 http://www.gridironsoftware.com/nucleopro2 Steve GridIron Software Inc.
  5. To throw my $.02 on it too - we have had a number of new customers directly reference Lloyd's script as the reason they bought Nucleo Pro. Its a good script that brings much needed functionality in AE. Once familiar with the concept via the script, its not hard to make the leap to Nucleo Pro and bring AE workflow to a whole new level. In other words Lloyd, if we run into each other at a show or something - I owe you a pint! Steve GridIron Software Inc.
  6. All the above - plus....it is a "queue" and renders movies. You can stack the Nucleo Pro BG Render Queue with as many renders as you want from multiple .aep projects, and it will also use all your CPU's to render a single movie if so desired. Then again - I am biased.... Steve GridIron Software Inc.
  7. Although I haven't seen that thread - I do admit to subscribing to another rule....goes around .....comes around. I just don't like race/nationality/etc slags - even if meant as an inside joke. There's just no point to it. Steve High Priest Archbishop of the First Canuckistan Republic
  8. Although being somewhat vulnerable as a software guy trying to please everyone, I thought I would chime in here. I have met Mylenium in person, and find him to be an open, (brutally) frank person who speaks his mind on the topic at hand (something I admit to thinking is a good thing...even if I don't like it). To me, this firebrand honesty is what many are claiming in this thread to be the benefit (and perhaps entertainment) of this forum. Does this mean that you should slag him for who he is? Dissent Yes. Disagree - fire away. Nationality, politics, race etc though....not cool in my book. Even if trying to impart some inside joke, not everyone will get it. (The whole global internets thing) No offence - but this has degraded a really good thread into crap. Steve Citizen of Mighty Peoples Republic of Canuckistan.
  9. The fact this thread is creating such a discussion seems to me that folks genuinely give $.02. Natural ebbs and flows in my opinion. I will say this, as a software guy, this forum deosn't hold back. Sometimes that scares off other software guys. To me...gives me a standard to reach. Other forums are more polite, conservative, blah blah blah. When you folks get going on something I grab the popcorn and beer. Peaks and Valleys....normal thing anwyhere are my $.02 Steve GridIron Software Inc.
  10. This probably does not come as a surprise to many... Steve GridIron Software Inc. For quite some time, many of our X-Factor users have been asking for news on support for After Effects 7.0. We have an update but unfortunately, it is not the answer you wanted to hear. We will not be releasing an update to support After Effects 7.0. In fact, we have decided to discontinue the X-Factor product line and its support effective immediately. We know that many of you have been eagerly awaiting a release of X-Factor for AE 7, and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Now, here’s the good news… To facilitate the transition of current X-Factor users to After Effects 7.0, we are offering free cross-grades to Nucleo Pro for any X-Factor user who has purchased since January 1st, 2006. Cross-grades will be on a per license basis as follows: One (1) X-Factor license = One (1) Nucleo Pro license. Obtaining your free cross-grade is very simple - just log in to your www.GridIronSoftware.com account (the email address that was used to purchase your license) and locate the X-Factor serial number in your "Licenses" list. Then click the 'cross-grade to GridIron Nucleo Pro' link. New Nucleo Pro licenses will be generated and you will receive an email notification with your new serial numbers. Your new license info will also be listed in your "Licenses" list. To learn more about Nucleo Pro, please visit our website at www.gridironsoftware.com. This free cross-grade offer is valid through January 1, 2007. Why not support AE 7.0? There are a number of factors that contributed to this decision, but the most significant, the one that's given us the most pause, is user experience. Over the past few years, as we have released new products and developed a good relationship with the motion graphics community, we have learned (and acknowledged) that the user experience with GridIron X-Factor for 6.5 was not always great or easy. Updating X-Factor to support After Effects 7 unfortunately does not make anything easier. In fact, it will make the user experience worse, and we can't in good conscience release a product that would be more difficult and unwieldy for our users to work with. We cannot release (and stand behind) a product that is going to be more frustrating than useful - to do so would be a huge disservice to our customers. Why cancel the product? The main factor in our decision to discontinue X-Factor was performance. Simply put, with the adoption of new multi-core and multi-processor computers, many of our users are seeing better performance using their local and powerful workstations with GridIron Nucleo Pro than they have seen with X-Factor over a network. As new hardware gets faster and includes more processing power, we can see the divide between network render farms and local rendering beginning to widen - and widen in favour of the less complex local workstation solutions. What about Nucleo and Nucleo Pro? Please note that sales and support will continue for both Nucleo and Nucleo Pro.
  11. Couldn't resist jumping in on this one. Network rendering is a pain for AE due to the footage. Its a "big in - big out" problem. That, and render times are so variant, you can spend all your time moving data around the network and not really feeding those fast CPU's. All the stuff Apple mentioned about X-Grid was focused on command line oriented CPU-only intensive applications which seem to be fairly common in academic circles. Its pure practical use in a day to day production environment (unless you have $$$$$ in infrastructure) is almost completely useless. I say the same thing about our own X-Factor product. You literally have to have thousands upon thousands of dollars in terms of gear and even air conditioning and electrical before a farm for tools like AE even make sense. Its why we created Nucleo and Nucleo Pro for the new crazy multi-cpu workstations. Coding on the other hand for all these new CPU's in workstations is really a black art. There aren't alot of tools available to programmers that allow them to make software "easily parallel". Its kinda breaking the laws of computer science and starting all over again. Most of the people who know parallel programming really well come from the land of high performance computing (what I used to do for a living), and have never worked on desktop software. My crew and I made the switch because we wanted to drink more and look at pretty pictures. Steve GridIron Software Inc. I create fast software in a pub....doesn't everyone?
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