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    lately ive taken up making paper cranes. its a pretty good time.
  1. Thanks for the compliments! A couple replies: As for the reel...I dont have one because I dont animate. I'd rather showcase what I DO work on, than confuse people showing what I DONT work on. make sense? I dont hail from wisconsin, Im just a lady who loves cheese. Oh, and I say my role was "matte painter" on those jobs because that's what I was referred to as the whole time. So I figure I'll just go with it. Eyeball should have that spot on their site soon, if you want to see the paintings composited in motion.
  2. hope some of you are enjoying some sunshine for me. check out the latest... thanks! http://www.marasmalley.com
  3. thanks mute and monkey. mute: in this industry i'll always be one of the boys! =)
  4. Binky - I think you're totally right. Thanks for a very spot on crit!
  5. cheesehead

    Site Update

    Hi Party People, Just updated my site with my latest boards as I prepare to re-enter the world of freelance. (ooo exciting) http://www.marasmalley.com Feedback?
  6. Hey now kids.... All is good and right in the world again. A simple mistake easily ratified. So lets all just simmer down.
  7. Hey nice Lword stuff... Im glad my layered psd could be so helpful to you. Original Boards
  8. An inside source tells me Stardust is to blame for this Hugo Boss awesomeness. Tho its not on their site yet.
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