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  1. I have Apple Quicktime movie files which use Apple HDV codec. But the problem is I need to work with them in PC/windows. I found many infos syas that it's impossible to open it in windows. I tried to install 'Apple ProRes Decode for windows', but it can't be installed in window 7 and XP. I don't know why, and don't know if it works with Apple HDV codec, either. Can you tell me exact and recent info about it? Thank you in advance.
  2. What's the difference of 'Studio' and 'Production company'? When you see page like; http://motionographer.com/cream/ You can see different category- studio and production company. Do you know more general categories of making-moving-image companys and difference between them? Actually, English is not my mother tongue, and now I am writing about 'studio system' in moving image/motion graphics. So, I am also wondering if you can give me more sense on the word, 'studio'. 'Studio' originally means a room with big windows? Do you know brief hostory of the word? It may be siily, but I found that some company use 'studio', and some others use 'studioS' Can you explain it?
  3. I am thinking how I can make Replacement Animation in 3D CG. Let's suppose There is 1 object in 3D CG space. about 1/8 sec later, the object is replaced by the second object on the exact same position - not morphed. And every 1/8 sec, this process is repeated. We need to build(/can select) every objects, because it is not morphing. Is there any 3D application/ software that has this function? If so can you tell me what it is and what the function called? Or do you know some script for it?
  4. In Ad Agency (such as W+K, TBWA, BBDO,...), Who's in charge of selecting Production Company and Director? What they are called? Producer? Creative director? AE? Art director? -------- And so, if you are producer in production company, whom do you need to show your directors work?
  5. in similar price, Dell XPS9000 has i7-920, 9GB RAM, and monitor, while T1500 can only have i7-860, 4GB RAM. XPS9000 http://www.dell.com/us/en/home/desktops/desktop-studio-xps-9000/pd.... T1500; http://www.dell.com/us/en/business/desktops/precndt/ct.aspx?refid=p... There is still a reason to buy workstations?
  6. I am going to buy a Dell workstation, with low RAM. and then going to buy RAM at another place. but don't know where to buy appropriate RAMs. Where do you buy RAMs?
  7. I am thinking about purchasing a dell workstation. When I customize one on the website, they said I need to choose less than 4GB RAM for 64bit OS. I don't understand. 64bit OS can have 'more' than 4GB RAM, can't it? (I prefer ask here first, not dell)
  8. In the other words, What kind of character rigging/animation system in what program do you use, and why?
  9. As I know, there are many of (small) sofwares or plug-ins, which help character rigging and animation in Max, Maya, C4D, xsi and more. Motion builder/ Puppet shop/ CAT / MOCCA .... 1. Can you list up/sum up the most significant ones? 2. Can you recommend powerful but easy to use one? 3. Do you prefer using just built-in character rigging systems in those softwares? p.s. What happened to CAT? It was at Softimage website, but not now.
  10. How can I make Black and white movie look good, which was shoot in full color? Just 'Desaturate' and then some level/curves is OK? Or Do you have any tips/tricks/recommendations? (it was shhot on HD format.)
  11. komix


    It doesn't make big difference. I want real rainbow...
  12. komix


    I thought I can get rainbow when simply lighting to a prizm shaped object in 3D CG space. I used 3DS MAX and V-Ray, but I couldn't. How can I get prizm rainbow? How can we achieve dispersion effect? How was this made?; I mean not fake one, using mapped rainbow photoshop image.
  13. komix

    FUR in 3D

    I tried Vray fur in 3ds MAX, but I think it doesn't work/look as good as other functions of Vray. I am wondering which one is the best Fur in 3D, in general? (I couldn't search 'fur',because it is only 3 characters word.)
  14. I am not asking how the examples do that, but asking if there is any other examples of '3D but 2D look' approach. Thank you ,though.
  15. I know there are various way to get '3D, but 2D look'. Can you share any creative/fresh way to achieve that kind of look? For example; http://www.onwards.tv/ http://www.mrhyde.fr/realisateur.php?lang=fr&idCategorie=1&cmd=play&idFilm=4&realisateur=14 I mean In any 3D softwares.
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